Rare Alligator Gar fish found in Dal Lake, Srinagar
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Rare Alligator Gar fish found in Dal Lake, Srinagar

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Friday, May 12, 2023

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Srinagar, May 11: In a surprising discovery, officials of Lakes and Conservation Management Authority stumbled upon an alligator Gar fish while cleaning the Dal Lake in Srinagar. This marks the first time in history that the fish has been found in the region. The authorities have contacted the Fishers Department to take a sample of the fish in order to ascertain the population of the species.


The fish was described by the officials as resembling a crocodile. It is reported to be an extremely rare species and has not been spotted in the region before now. It is a unique find due to its peculiar shape and size.

Alligator Gar fish is an ancient species, which can live in both fresh and saltwater. It is also known to be one of the largest freshwater species of fish in terms of maximum size. The discovery of this species in Dal Lake can add to the rich biodiversity of the region and provide numerous benefits for researchers.

The officials have also requested people living near the lake to abstain from fishing in the area, as it may lead to the destruction of the fish population and their habitat. A team of specialist research professionals will be sent to the lake in order to analyze the situation and devise a plan of action to protect and conserve the alligator Gar fish in Dal Lake.


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