Rapper on a journey to emerge victorious
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Rapper on a journey to emerge victorious

Post by on Sunday, July 24, 2022

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While reading the Quran, Tauqeer stumbled upon the Arabic word, Qaahir meaning Victorious. The word rang in his head. After many years, as he stepped in the rap scene, he started his journey with the same word with an intention to win over everyone.

From a small village of South Kashmir district Kulgam, Tauqeer Ahmad Wani aka Qaahir is passionate about rapping.

Tauqeer started doing poetry after watching his maternal grandfather doing the same. During his teenage days, the music of Eminem left an impression on his young mind.

“I started listening to rap music and got to know that the rappers play with the words, make rhyme and rhythm,” he said.

In 2016, he moved to Punjab and started penning down his poetry in a diary. During travelling, he lost his diary and the collection of poetry that he had penned down over the time was gone. “I had no backup for that and I felt very bad. I lost all the hopes of using my poetry,” he added.

Having a good hold over the poetry and on the suggestion of his friends, he started doing rap. “I started rapping passionately. I also did an event sponsored by coke studio where I presented a fusion of Kashmir song and its rap version. My friends told me to upload the song on YouTube and to my surprise, the song got a good response,” he said.

Gradually he came in contact with many rappers of Kashmir and also made a collaborated song with Rapper Annie.

Currently he is working on his first album, portraying the happening within and around him. “Whatever I have been through in the past is going to be in the songs. I am not much of a talker so I spit the bars when I rap. Inspiration for writing comes from within whatever you have gone through,” he said. 

The album will have 11 songs with the artists from Kashmir and other places. 

He believes that in Kashmir, there are a lot of problems, societal pressure is the biggest thing for a rapper to face. “Rapping is part of hip hop culture. It came into existence so that you can talk about the pros and cons around. Those who were hated initially, were adored when they did better,” he added.  

“Some people had to give up but thankfully I think, it’s a blessing that I am able to do it at least,” he concluded.

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