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Ramadan: The month of blessings
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Ramadan: The month of blessings

Ramadan, the Month of blessings, the month of charity, the month of doing repentance, the month of penance, the month of atonement, the month of erasing sins, the month of refraining from evil, the month of doing goodness, the month of sympathy, the month

Post by on Saturday, April 25, 2020

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Ramadan, the Month of blessings, the month of charity, the month of doing repentance, the month of penance, the month of atonement, the month of erasing sins, the month of refraining from evil, the month of doing goodness, the month of sympathy, the month of increasing self-fortification, the month of  billions and trillions of mercies, the month of care, love and peace, the month of manifestations of reverence, bounties of affections, kindness mercies and blessings upon the slaves by Almighty Allah.

The holiest month is arriving in its full bloom and charm to erase our dreadful sins and to shower upon us His bounties of blessings and mercies. The blessings of Ramadan are undoubtedly, truly and indefinitely countless with the definition of number and data. This month is the month of uncountable supernatural aid which spreads the whole universe and tantamount the highest number of supernatural divine. The blessings and mercies of this month signify the pious and sacredness of the truest nature of divine attributes reflected by the oneness of Allah and belief which His slaves is holding upon Him.

The month is bestowed with the sense of tranquillity of peace, justice, and love encompassing and embracing at the heights of worship of one God. The whole humanity sees the fruit of this month in the form of worship of Allah by His creation. This month is the foundation and pillar of Islam, enduring us in such dwellings which God likely demands from His creation, leading His slaves towards holly affair and close to Him.

Since time immemorial, the people are very busy in doing such horrible sins, refraining them to go near to God . Instead, they are turning His outlaws resulting destruction of selves and the whole humanity. The growing rate of evil in our society has breached out a solid gap, leading insincere relationship to Lord and to this effect, He seems angry with His slaves. The slaves of God are indulging in such evil practices berefting them to attain any form of goodness. They are doing it in many forms, such  as involvement in thefts, some are rapists, some are indulging in hoarding, some are disobedient of their parents, some are wicked, hypocrites and cheats etc. It enquires that every single person is having involvement in any one of the evils or many refraining us from our Lord and creator.

This has resulted dangerous consequences since we are witnessing it from last many decades. Whatever Lord has given His slaves and whatever He demands from us is embarrassing from our deeds. We have not been able to represent His pious commandments. On contrary, we have decided to go for war with Him, by breaking His deities and dictions.

Even when we see the present conditions of the globe, it is a bitter fact that the virus which has effected people, erasing the human population continuously is also the result of our ill wills, evil character and non-obligations which we are showing off to our creator. By breaking and kicking off the holy commandments of our lord, if we think we are going to achieve the material desires, it is only a mere dream even when people living in the world have all material aspects available such as technology, medical science etc. Then why they are not able to fight a minute virus which is even not naked to the visible eye. The answer is very simple, we cannot fight in comparison to our Lords will. He is the greatest of all, the ultimate powerhouse. We can fight with the creation but not the creator.

The most beautiful, surprising, and astonishing  divine , deific month which the whole globe is going to see is arriving and knocking our doors with unending and incomparable blessings, the holly month of Ramadan. It will wash our sins, it will end this catastrophe, it will set us free from the pangs and agony of the disease. This month is all divine in all forms of glorification and fortification. The sign of relief to the world is going to witness, the end of the pandemic is on the cards, the Ramadan will prove to be the defence armour to combat this virus. Ramadan will eliminate it from the whole globe forever; the holiness of this month is ready to endow us with bounties of blessings and mercies. The virus will be defeated, Insha Allah.

Religion Islam has set out unfold rewards to His believers in this holly month. The slaves of Lord are rewarded with unlimited drops of mercies and blessings in this month. The reward given by Allah to His slaves couldn't be imagined by anyone of us. The whole globe is covered by a blanket of mercies, blessings, through which people seek forgiveness of Allah. The slaves of Lord refrain from eating and drinking, they refrain from evil deeds, they refrain from indulging in backbiting, and they are very close to His creator.

In one of the Hadith, it is said, "the Satan is locked down, and he is being put under arrest by Angels of Almighty God." So that people could not do any sinful deed. This month has guaranteed us the paradise. In another Hadith, Prophet Mohammed SAW says, that "there are seven doors of paradise, one of them is (Babul Reyan) , through which only( Roozdar) , the abstinent will be allowed to enter."

In the holy book Quaraan, Allah says in surah Qadar, "verily there is a single night in the month of Ramadan, which is better than thousands of months." In this night whoever does worship Allah will be rewarded of worshipping Him like thousands of years, even more. In this pious month slaves of Allah are given freedom from hell fire and are blessed with heaven, the paradise. In another Hadith, it is narrated that "This month burns the sins of a person like fire does burn dry leaves of a tree."

The blessings of Ramadan will penetrate our body, mind and soul, it will take out the worst from us and will bestow upon us with huge mercies of Allah. It is going to cure us with optimism carrying out all negatives from our inside. The approach of this month is casting its holier, pious and sacred shadow upon us. It is going to cover the globe with compassion, love, peace and sympathy. The agony of the lives will be ended forever.




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