Ramadan and Safe Food
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Ramadan and Safe Food

Post by RK News on Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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During the month of Ramadan people often indulge in shopping and spend huge money on food, groceries and other necessary items. Thus ensuring the supply of safe food products during Ramadan is important in order to protect public health. People in the UT have often expressed complaints about unsafe and contaminated food being sold and served with the providers too much engrossed in profiteering. Food safety is generally compromised when food products get contaminated with a potentially hazardous and toxic agent. According to health experts access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. In this regard Joint programmes by the municipal corporation, FCS&CA and health department can prove advantageous than individual efforts to create awareness and fight counterfeits, misbranded food items, spurious and adulterated food contents, unhygienic conditions of food joints and several issues related to food safety. The availability of unhygienic food in different market places in the valley has become a serious health concern. While unscrupulous vendors are making easy bucks by selling adulterated and contaminated food, it is the health of the people that is degrading with the passing of days.  As medical and treatment charges have been increasing and outbreak of certain diseases and infections have been rampant, it ought to be a priority to ensure an improved food safety and public health system in the UT. Unfortunately in J&K, ignorance is largely responsible for unabated health risks due to unhygienic or contaminated food. There is little to no attention paid by consumers to check before buying or consuming important details like manufacturing date, expiry date, storage or use. That goes for food and drugs that are properly packed. For food wrapped in any packaging material that is easily available to vendors, one can guess the outcomes. Public should be informed about the health risks of not only the food contents but also of packaging or how it is served and consumed. Special programmes and awareness campaigns to educated children and parents are much needed. Vendors and hoteliers not conforming to the standards must be brought to book. Furthermore, government needs to implement the food and safety act in letter and spirit and those involved in food adulteration should be dealt with exemplary punishment. Also, educational institutions can play an important role by disseminating information among the masses regarding food safety concerns.  There is a dire need to collaborate extensively with other government agencies in order to safeguard the food supply in the valley. During Ramadan food inspectors should conduct regular inspections in markets to check food adulteration. People also need to be more cautious while purchasing food from unsafe sources.

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