Raising awareness among the masses is must before rolling out welfare schemes
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Raising awareness among the masses is must before rolling out welfare schemes

Post by RK News on Wednesday, May 17, 2023

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Owing to lack of awareness and poor implementation, various government-sponsored schemes and policies have failed to reach to the beneficiaries. Also, many a time people are unaware of many government initiatives meant for their welfare and upliftment. Apart from the weak implementation of various schemes aimed at helping different sections of people, it is the lack of proper execution that prevents deserving people benefiting from them. As has been observed in the past also public policies whether set up by Central government and extended to the people of J&K or policies devised by the concerned government suffer from two major drawbacks – their poor advertising and the poor execution by nodal agencies. Various welfare schemes that have been launched by governments from time to time have not been delivering as expected; unawareness and ignorance continue to be primary reasons. There are many deprived sections in the UT that are yet to find a benefactor as the assistance has either got botched up in bureaucratic lethargy or corruption. Public resentment over flow of funds has found many expressions, the typical being unnecessary delays and red tapism. The greatest impediment to development and growth is corruption in government agencies. Despite having sound policies and investing significant resources, including human resource, in reaching out to the poor still there are many loop holes and bottle necks creating impediments in smooth execution of these policies. The question arises that why this is happening time and again? Many critics are of the opinion that executing agencies have been looting government funds by concealing essential information on the schemes or policies. With poor advertising the needy remain unaware of their rightful assistance and allowances, which are eventually grabbed with the help of black sheep that lie close to the executing officials. The disconnect between the people and the government is largely due to the fact that the beneficiaries never get to see or receive the needed help from the government. The need of the hour is that the government must show seriousness in bringing accountability and should devise a proper mechanism in place. Also, the role of policy makers is to find ways and alternate channels of distribution of funds, and leave the clerical work to the concerned administration. If the corrective measures are not taken at the right time, all the multitude of schemes may struggle to deliver the desired results.


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