Pune Team gifts winning Trophy to Kupwara's Lolab Team in Women's Friendship League
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Pune Team gifts winning Trophy to Kupwara's Lolab Team in Women's Friendship League

Post by RK News on Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Kupwara, Oct 10: The Maharashtra team displayed an outstanding act of sportsmanship by giving away their winning trophy to Kupwara's Lolab team in the Women's Friendship Cricket League. 
This selfless act of kindness highlighted the strong bond and camaraderie that exists among the players, showcasing the true spirit of friendship that underpins this league. It served as a poignant reminder that sports can bring people together, transcending the boundaries of competition.
This unique act of sportsmanship took place during a three-match series organized by the Indian Army in collaboration with the Aseem Foundation with the primary objective of fostering friendship and sportsmanship among the participants.
The second match of the league, held in north Kashmir's Kupwara district, witnessed intense competition between Aseem XI and Lolab Strikers. After a closely contested first game in Sopore, Aseem XI secured victory in the second match, showcasing exceptional teamwork and delivering a strong performance. Despite winning the match, instead of solely celebrating their triumph, Aseem XI chose to share the glory by presenting their winning trophy to the opposing team.
Aseem XI won the toss and elected to field first, allowing the Lolab Strikers to exhibit their formidable batting skills and set a challenging target of 65 runs. However, Aseem XI rallied together, displayed extraordinary teamwork, and emerged triumphant in a tightly contested encounter. Their decision to share the trophy with the losing team exemplifies their commitment to promoting cordial relations and boosting the confidence of their opponents.
Sanjana Shinde, the captain of Aseem XI, expressed her joy at witnessing the losing team share in the celebration of victory. According to her, the most gratifying moments are those where even the defeated team experiences the same happiness. Shalanka viewed the game as more than just a battle on the field; it was an expression of love and joy.
Neelofar Sadiq, the captain of the Lolab Strikers, expressed her gratitude towards the Aseem Foundation for providing her team with the opportunity to play on a grand stage with a supportive crowd. Despite losing the match, receiving the trophy in the spirit of the friendship league brought immense happiness and served as a dream come true for her team. She sincerely thanked Aseem XI for their incredible gesture.
Amol Mane, the coach of Aseem XI, remarked that their visit to Kashmir and the experience of playing there paled in comparison to the love and respect both teams shared, both on and off the field.
This friendship league has fostered an environment where the teams play together and celebrate together, emphasising the true essence of sportsmanship and camaraderie, he added.

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