Pulwama's MMA sensation eyesUFC glory
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Pulwama's MMA sensation eyesUFC glory

Post by Javid Sofi on Sunday, July 2, 2023

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Pulwama, July 01: The story of Owais Yaqoob, Pulwama's exceptional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) player, is one of relentless hard work, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding spirit. Owais, hailing from the picturesque village of Murran in Pulwama district, has emerged as the first fighter from Kashmir to represent the Union Territory at the prestigious Matrix Fight Night (MFN), India's premier mixed martial arts platform.
Founded by Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, along with his mother Ayesha Shroff, a film producer and former actress, and sister Krishna Shroff, MFN has become a beacon of hope for aspiring MMA fighters in India. Owais, with his extraordinary talent and exceptional skills, made his professional debut at MFN on March 31, 2023.
Owais's journey to MFN was marked by his outstanding performance in the Road to MFN Contender series in October 2022, where he triumphed in four consecutive fights, outshining over 500 fighters from across the country. As one of the thirteen players to win the coveted contract, Owais etched his name in history as the first Kashmiri fighter to achieve this remarkable feat.
The young prodigy's debut fight at MFN pitted him against a formidable opponent from Haryana. In preparation for this significant moment, Owais underwent rigorous training at the SOMA Fight Club in Bali, Indonesia, for two months. Additionally, he spent fifteen days refining his strategy at the renowned India Top Team in Chandigarh.
Having signed a three-year contract with MFN on January 1, 2023, Owais is eagerly looking forward to showcasing his skills in future fights. With a promising trajectory ahead, he will be embarking on a professional training program in Russia from July to August.
Beyond his triumphs at MFN, Owais boasts an impressive array of achievements. He clinched a bronze medal at the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation championship in the Philippines in July 2022. As a senior martial artist, he has secured eleven gold medals and seven silvers in national competitions, along with an astounding seventeen gold medals in state events. Owais's passion for the sport extends to his own academy, where he currently trains thirty aspiring MMA players, six of whom show exceptional promise.
Looking ahead, Owais sets his sights on a higher goal - to represent the Union Territory and his country in the esteemed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). With the MFN platform serving as a stepping stone, he aims to deliver his best performances and make his dream a reality.
Matrix Fight Night, the brainchild of Bollywood superstar Tiger Shroff and his family, has grown into India's premier Mixed Martial Arts event, having successfully hosted eleven editions thus far.


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