Protest against Anantnag killing in Srinagar
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Protest against Anantnag killing in Srinagar

Post by RK News on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Srinagar, May 30: A youth was tragically killed in a terrorist attack in the Anantnag area of south Kashmir, prompting a wave of protests against civilian killings. Under the banner of Akhir Kab Tak, a group of people gathered in a candlelight protest at Press Colony in Srinagar, led by Senior Journalist and Editor Urdu Daily, SUBAH Kashmir Zubair Nazir to express their outrage over the incident. Sanjay Saraf was also present there.
The protest aimed to seek justice for the deceased and highlight the plight of innocent people who continue to fall victim to acts of terrorism in Kashmir. Holding banners demanding an end to innocent killings in the valley, the demonstrators emphasized the need for immediate action against those responsible.
Similar protests were reported in various other parts of the Kashmir valley, including Ganderbal and particularly in response to the killing of residents from Udhampur. The public outcry against these acts of violence underscores the deep concern within the community regarding the safety and security of its members.
The protestors said the tragic incident in Anantnag has once again underscored the importance of a concerted effort to restore peace and stability in Kashmir. The community's resilience and determination to seek justice for the victims of terrorism serve as a testament to the region's indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.

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