Promoting gender sensitization
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Promoting gender sensitization

Post by RK News on Monday, September 25, 2023

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Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir Judicial Academy organized Gender Sanitization Workshop for judicial officers at Judicial Academy, Mominabad Srinagar. The main aim of this workshop was to raise awareness among the legal fraternity about the challenges and issues faced by the women in the legal sphere. Gender sensitization refers to the modification of behavior by raising awareness about gender equality concerns and changing stereotypes and biases. In Jammu and Kashmir, it is essential to address the root causes of gender inequality, such as patriarchal norms, lack of educational opportunities for women and girls especially in the far flung areas, and inadequate access to healthcare and other essential services. The need for gender sensitization, therefore, is not just a legal or societal requirement; it is an indispensable tool for peace and development. Promoting gender sensitization in Jammu and Kashmir is not a task that can be achieved overnight. It requires a multi-pronged approach that involves the government, non-governmental organizations, and the active participation of the responsible citizens of the society.  Many experts are of the opinion that the government should formulate policies that promote gender equality and ensure their effective implementation. Policies should be inclusive and consider the unique cultural, religious, and socio-economic contexts of the UT. They should aim to provide equal opportunities for women in education, employment, and political representation. Education is a powerful tool for change. Schools and colleges in Jammu and Kashmir should incorporate gender sensitization in their curriculum. By educating the young generation about gender equality and the importance of mutual respect and understanding, we can foster a society that values equal rights and opportunities. Non-governmental organizations and civil society groups also play a significant role in promoting gender sensitization. They can conduct workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, focusing on both urban and rural communities. They can also provide vital resources and support for individuals facing gender-based discrimination or violence. However, the most critical factor in this endeavor is the society itself. Changing deeply entrenched societal norms and attitudes is a challenging task. It requires open dialogues, community engagement, and the active participation of all members of society. The need for gender sensitization in Jammu and Kashmir is pressing. It is not merely a matter of social justice but a prerequisite for sustainable peace, development, and prosperity. We must strive for a society where everyone, regardless of their gender, can live with dignity and enjoy their fundamental rights. Let us remember that the path to a more inclusive and equal Jammu and Kashmir begins with each one of us, and it begins today.




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