Problems faced by women belong to entire society and not just to women only
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Problems faced by women belong to entire society and not just to women only

Post by RK News on Monday, March 13, 2023

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Problems related to status of woman in a society and relation between men and women is being discussed in our society every day. Ever since the concept of women emancipation took its roots and later turned on to becoming a part of global theme many people have deliberated upon this subject and the discourse has really burgeoned. The concept sometimes gets wrongly projected as a mission to liberate women from the bondage of men. The notion was further deepened when the concept traveled to east. With this inherent flaw the debate took off and speeded up with all vehemence and vengeance against the patriarchal societies. The anger located in the deeper recesses of this theme was not all misplaced but was never entirely well founded. So world wide woman and her emancipation became a cherished subject and was discussed in seminars, debates and other programmes where diverse concepts like the question of equality, empowerment and other related terms emerged. It was underlined that woman needs greater freedom and more chances of self-expression. Time moves on and like all other ideas this idea too appears to have exposed its vulnerabilities. While chasing the dream of equality and empowerment women tread upon a path that leads to greater problems. At one time it seemed that the concepts like equality and empowerment are the real things which can solve the problems faced by women folk, but now  it appears that the question, although very valid, have been wrongly asked. The idea that women empowerment means empowering women against men has rendered a severe blow to the otherwise noble cause. An impression has been created in the minds of females to view males as ruthless oppressors. This has adversely affected the scheme of life at the level of family and society. Need of the hour is that the concept of women emancipation is made a part of overall task of social correction and not an exclusively female adventure. Despite the fact that the world has made significant progress in gender equality, a significant gap still exists in many parts of the world. Gender inequalities in economic participation and opportunity, educational achievement, health and survival, and political empowerment must all be addressed. Educating children about the value of gender equality from an early age might be a good start in that direction. We all share the responsibility of raising our voice against any injustice meted out to women and to give them the due place they deserve in the society.

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