Police urge residents to install CCTVs in Srinagar
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Police urge residents to install CCTVs in Srinagar

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Thursday, June 15, 2023

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Srinagar, June 14: In response to the theft cases in Srinagar city, the Srinagar police have appealed to the people to install CCTV cameras, emphasizing their significance in solving crimes. Taking to their official Twitter handle, the Srinagar police stated that CCTV cameras are the most effective tool for investigation and case resolution, urging those who can afford them to consider their installation.
The police highlighted those numerous thefts and burglaries in houses and shops across the city had occurred in locations without any CCTV surveillance. However, some cases were successfully solved, and stolen items were recovered when CCTV cameras were present. Encouraging residents to take proactive measures, the police advised those with the means to invest in CCTV systems, stressing their pivotal role in investigations and resolving criminal cases.
A police officer, speaking to Rising Kashmir, explained that this initiative was prompted by the surge in theft cases in Srinagar. Installing CCTV cameras throughout the city is expected to not only deter thieves but also assist the police in solving theft-related incidents. The officer further revealed that several recent theft cases were successfully resolved with the aid of existing CCTV footage, underscoring the importance of such technology in criminal investigations.
The move by the Srinagar police aims to enhance the safety and security of the city's residents by employing advanced surveillance measures. The installation of CCTV cameras is anticipated to act as a deterrent, discouraging potential thieves from targeting homes and businesses.
Furthermore, the captured footage will serve as valuable evidence, aiding law enforcement agencies in identifying perpetrators and bringing them to justice.
With the support of the community, the police hope to create a safer environment by encouraging widespread adoption of CCTV systems. By embracing this technology, residents can actively contribute to reducing theft incidents and assisting law enforcement agencies in maintaining public safety. The Srinagar police's appeal to install CCTV cameras reflects their commitment to leveraging modern tools to combat crime effectively.

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