Police create road safety awareness in Kulgam
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Police create road safety awareness in Kulgam

Post by Junaid Manzoor Dar on Thursday, May 4, 2023

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Kulgam, May 03: Police in south Kashmir’s Kulgam have launched a drive to instruct bikers to wear helmets and carry proper documents while riding. 
The drive, the DySP headquarter GM Bhat, said is aimed at promoting road safety measures and reducing the number of fatalities due to road accidents in the district.
Through the initiative, which was launched on Wednesday, bikers were informed of the importance of wearing helmets and carrying necessary documents, such as driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates. 
The drive began with a team of police officers, along with road safety volunteers, setting up checkpoints at various locations in the district. The bikers who were found not wearing helmets or carrying proper documents were stopped and instructed about the importance of road safety measures. 
"We have noticed that a large number of road accidents in the district involve bikers who do not wear helmets and do not carry proper documents. This drive is aimed at educating them about the importance of road safety measures and encouraging them to follow them,” Bhat said.
The officer urged the public to cooperate with the police and follow traffic rules to prevent road accidents. 
The drive received a positive response from the public, with many bikers appreciating the efforts of the police to promote road safety. "This is a great initiative by the police. I was not wearing a helmet, but after being stopped and instructed, I realized the importance of wearing one. I will make sure to wear a helmet from now on," said a biker who was stopped at a checkpoint. 
The drive is likely to continue in the coming days, and the police have urged all bikers to cooperate and follow road safety measures to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.

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