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PM Narendra Modi: Best of the Fabulous Five...!

PM Narendra Modi has truly emerged not only as the national leader but also as a big international icon in the global fight against the biggest two current menaces in the world i.e., Terrorism and Covid19

Post by on Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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The two historic speeches of the PM Shri Narendra Modi in the two Houses of Parliament (three years ago) on the Motion of thanks to the Presidential speech tempted me to pen down the following….

Over the last one hundred years of history, the political class in India threw up great leaders. All of them had their greatness that was also duly acknowledged by the people. But if one has to select the Five Fabulous Leaders among them, in my opinion and analysis, they are like this: Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi.

Gandhi, undoubtedly, was a great leader among all who had tremendous contact and relationship with the people at large. But he was never connected with the issues of governance directly. Instead...he accepted the fact that he was a nationalist by an accident, Courtesy: the South Africa incident on a railway platform. His name and status was duly and unduly milked by the politicians of virtually all the hues for the first five decades of independent India.

Nehru and Indira both got leadership on a platter but both were successful to rule India for more than three decades (put together). They had very special upbringing and background to enjoy as leaders of the masses. God had given great intellectual capacity to Nehru par excellence and Indira learnt lessons of politics right from her childhood. Both took important good and bad decisions in the fields of politics, governance and international affairs. They had failures and successes due to their own approaches, attitudes and vision which they hardly compromised during their life time.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee had a humble background but belonged to a family where education was not an alien issue. He but was given a special treatment by the then RSS leadership due to his qualities of mass leadership, Hindi oratory and political acumen. Though he acquired a great experience of politics and international affairs yet he missed the very nerve centre of governance for a longer period of time in his life. However, he carried people along with like Nehru and peddled soft on hard issues.

Narendra Modi belonged to a comparatively feeble background where two time bread was an all important issue. He learnt all arts, crafts and sciences because he was a good learner and a student of positive nature. God was kind to him to provide him opportunities, one after the other. 

From daily Shakhas of RSS to the core organizational affairs, from small meetings in rooms to big audiences, from lower level activists to big national leaders, from Ramakrishna Mission Ashram to the Swami Narayana Ashram, from banks of small streams to the shores of ocean, from small agitations in states to the mass movements at national level, from BJP HQs to the Assembly of Gujarat and from river front of Sabarmati to the sprawling lawns of India Gate, and also from Thar desert in the Kutch to the snowy Himalayan heights, he walked a long distance. 

He virtually gained everything and anything out of his experience (educational, political, organizational, spiritual, social and strategic) and it included even his vocabulary, grammar, language, technical knowhow, issues of governance, politics and international affairs. His being the Chief Minister of a state like Gujarat for a long period of 12 years gave him an extra edge that the other four fabulous leaders missed wittingly or unwittingly. 

Modi Ji translated his life experience into a reality successfully which was visible in the Parliament on 7th. Feb. 2018. It will go down in the Parliamentary history as one of the great and important days and has the potential to be a part of the curriculum for the students of law, politics, history, parliamentary affairs and governance. His all time one of the best addresses contained wit, argument, sarcasm, logic, facts, semantics, control on language and attitude and above all a nice connect to his job despite continued interruption.

Modi Ji has proved himself to be a good student, good learner, good orator, good teacher, good administrator and also a good strategist. The way he dealt issues like Triple Talaq, his achievements as the Prime Minister of a country having 135 Crore population, government schemes for the poor and the downtrodden, welfare measures for ladies and in particular the emphasis on the Indian Ethos and cultural tradition with a continuous focus on jibes over the Congress and Congress alone gives a clear cut notion that Modi is well in the saddle for a long time to come to guide India and the world to better destinations. 

 For me, and the people like me, his second term is a successful inauguration of the 2024 Parliamentary Election Campaign.....! The Covid19 scenario brought severest challenges to the government and the leader of the nation, but Modi stood like a rock amidst the tempest. The farmer's agitation was another climax that the government handled with absolute expertise, thus allowing the farmers to take away the benefits of the new law while keeping brokers and agents at bay.

 The new challenges @Covid19, 1 in this context began in January 2020; but it was in April-May 2021 that the situation worsened and virtually went out of hands and control. After undergoing the most tumultuous period of second wave of Covid19 throughout the length and breadth of the country, the government took very stringent measures and the things were brought under control. The statesmanship shown by the PM Modi in his latest broadcast to the nation reassured its citizens about the government's commitment towards the health and welfare sectors of the nation. 


The stand of the Prime Minister Modi for his open declaration in regard to the Vaccination programme henceforth is highly appreciated. Centre's decisions are people friendly and particularly the free ration to 800 million people of India up to Deewali is a reassuring act. The freeze on charges and fees of Vaccination upon the 25 percent allocation to the private medical sector is a great relief for the general public. The Centre's decision to own responsibilities of wide vaccination drive throughout the country and particularly for the 18-45 age group is a great relief.

 The Prime Minister Narendra Modi's assurance that vaccine supply would increase significantly in India in the coming days as seven companies produce various vaccines and trials of three more vaccines are at an advanced stage is a real leader's statement under the prevailing conditions. He also said that research is continuing on a nasal spray vaccine, which can significantly boost India's vaccination drive. Vaccine supply to increase in coming days, nasal vaccine will boost nation's anti-covid drive. 

PM Narendra Modi has truly emerged not only as the national leader but also as a big international icon in the global fight against the biggest two current menaces in the world i.e., Terrorism and Covid19.

(Senior BJP & KP Leader, Incharge: J&K BJP Political Feedback Deptt, Author & Columnist. Feedback: ashwanikc2012@gmail.com)

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