PM Modi hails 'Looms of Ladakh' for global success of pashmina 
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PM Modi hails 'Looms of Ladakh' for global success of pashmina 

Post by Umar Raina on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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In a recent broadcast of Maan Ki Baat (Episode 107), Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the remarkable journey of Ladakh's GI Tagged Pashmina. 
Applauding the collaborative spirit of the 'Looms of Ladakh,' the Prime Minister acknowledged the pivotal role played by this cooperative in rejuvenating and launching Ladakh Pashmina into the international market.
PM Modi emphasised the cooperative and collective efforts involved in the preparation of Ladakh Pashmina, with 450 individuals contributing to its production across 15 villages. He praised the 'Looms of Ladakh' for not only enhancing the quality of Ladakh Pashmina but also significantly boosting its global visibility.
The Prime Minister recognised the cooperative as a symbol of success, highlighting its positive impact on the financial empowerment of local women actively engaged in the intricate production process of this exquisite craft. This strategic collaboration has elevated the status of Ladakh Pashmina and has concurrently contributed to the economic well-being of the women involved in its production.
The success story of Ladakh Pashmina underscores the potential of community-driven initiatives in preserving and promoting indigenous crafts on the global stage, according to PM Modi. His acknowledgment of the transformative impact signifies the government's commitment to supporting local initiatives that safeguard cultural heritage and economically empower communities.
The global recognition of Ladakh Pashmina stands as a testament to the triumph of collaborative efforts in revitalising traditional crafts and fostering economic sustainability at the grassroots level.

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