Pilgrims laud J&K admin’s facilities, support during AmarnathYatra
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Pilgrims laud J&K admin’s facilities, support during AmarnathYatra

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, July 23, 2023

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Srinagar, July 22: In a remarkable display of dedication and meticulous planning, the Jammu and Kashmir government has won the hearts of pilgrims from all over the country as they embark on the sacred journey to the holy Amarnath cave shrine.
Amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Himalayas, the ongoing pilgrimage has witnessed the arrival of over three lakh devotees, who are all praises for the extraordinary arrangements made by the authorities.
Pilgrims have expressed their admiration for the top-notch facilities provided by the government. Suresh Sharma from Punjab, a regular pilgrim for the past five years, lauded the efforts, stating that this year's arrangements surpassed all expectations. The provision of comfortable tents and improved food quality has left them feeling cared for like family.
To ensure the well-being of the devotees during the challenging pilgrimage, the J&K government has set up temporary shelters equipped with modern amenities along the yatra route. This has ensured access to hygienic food, clean water, and medical aid, alleviating concerns related to health and safety.
Anita Verma from Uttar Pradesh expressed her gratitude for the remarkable security arrangements, providing pilgrims with peace of mind as they focus on their prayers and spiritual journey. Stringent measures implemented by the local police force have been instrumental in maintaining law and order, ensuring a safe pilgrimage experience.
Transportation facilities have also been significantly upgraded, with shuttle services, horse rides, and palanquins available for those who require assistance in navigating the challenging terrains. This has been particularly beneficial for elderly and differently-abled pilgrims, allowing them to participate in the pilgrimage with ease.
The commendable efforts of the Jammu and Kashmir government have garnered widespread praise, with pilgrims taking to social media to express their appreciation.
Sunil Kumar from Mumbai highlighted the administration's dedication to safeguarding the pilgrims from potential threats, solidifying their resolve to encourage others to undertake the ShriAmarnathjiYatra.
Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir V K Bidhuri, emphasized that the administration is closely monitoring every aspect of the pilgrimage to ensure the best arrangements for the yatris. He expressed his wish for more devotees to participate in the yatra, enabling them to extend their warm hospitality and spiritual fulfillment.
The AmarnathYatra, a symbol of rich cultural heritage and religious diversity, continues to attract pilgrims from all corners of the country. With the annual pilgrimage now in full swing, the government's relentless efforts have been successful in facilitating a smooth and spiritually fulfilling journey for all those who seek blessings at the Holy Cave Shrine.
On Saturday, the 20th batch of 3,472 pilgrims departed from the Bhagwati Nagar base camp in Jammu, traveling in 132 vehicles towards Kashmir. With the yatra in progress since July 1st this year, the overwhelming response from more than three lakh pilgrims thus far speaks volumes about the significance of the sacred AmarnathYatra in the hearts of devotees nationwide.

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