Persistent fog disrupts Srinagar for third consecutive day
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Persistent fog disrupts Srinagar for third consecutive day

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Srinagar, Nov 20: The city of Srinagar grapples with a relentless challenge as dense fog envelops the area for the third consecutive day, disrupting the lives of local residents and posing hurdles for smooth commuting.
The thick fog blanket, persisting into Monday, has created disturbances in daily life and transportation across the district.
The unexpected forecast from the meteorological department now predicts rain and snow at scattered places between November 27 and 30, adding to the woes of residents already contending with the persistent fog. School buses and vehicles, especially vulnerable in harsh winter conditions, face increased difficulties navigating through the obscured streets.
Rahul, a tourist from Delhi, shared his experience, describing the early morning fog with visibility limited to a mere 50 feet. This has prompted concerns not only about transportation but also about the safety of pedestrians. Floodlights have been deployed to manage traffic, highlighting the severity of the situation.
As winter sets in, growing concerns arise about the increasing cold. On Monday, the maximum temperature in Srinagar reached 16 degrees Celsius, accompanied by partly cloudy skies. The Meteorological Department's initial forecast of generally dry weather until November 26 has been revised, now suggesting the possibility of rain and snow at scattered places from November 27 to 30.
Tourists in the city voiced the challenges posed by the dense morning fog, making walking difficult and significantly reducing visibility. One tourist stated, "One can't walk in such a situation. There is cold as well. Visibility also drops."
Reports from other parts of the Kashmir Valley echo similar challenges faced by residents in the early morning and late evening, painting a broader picture of the impact of this unusual weather phenomenon on the entire region.

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