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Peerzada Aqeel aims to build a healthy community

Post by on Sunday, May 29, 2022

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Amid the drug menace growing in our society, a 26-year-old boy PeerzadaAqeel, tries to bring a change in society by establishing a gym centre in the town of Bandipora. 

Aesthetic Era, "the gym and spa", located near SK Stadium Bandipora, is the first highly equipped gym centre in Bandipora town.

After completing his B. TECH from Maharashi Dayananad University, Rohtak, Aqeel chose to pursue his passion and got a degree in fitness and nutrition from Gold's Gym Fitness Institute Noida.
He worked as a fitness trainer in many gym centres and, a year ago, opened his gym, Aesthetic era.

 He said, "It is my passion that paved the way towards opening a gym." Aqeel has pursued several courses in health and fitness and participated in several sports and bodybuilding competitions in Srinagar as well as in Delhi.

 Aqeel shares the names of several degrees and diplomas he has pursued in health and fitness and has participated in several sports and other activities in Srinagar as well as in Delhi.

“Around 800 boys and girls, which include all age groups, have a membership here. But nowadays, around 400 people visit the gym. It gives me immense pleasure when young people show enthusiasm towards fitness activities," Aqeel said.

The young gym trainer said apart from keeping youth fit, gym-like activities also keep youngsters away from the consumption of drugs and other bad habits. 

"In my short fitness trainer career, I have seen many boys experiencing peace and harmony after joining the gym," he said. Keeping yourself busy with such activities, at least for a few hours, is enough to reduce stress and depression. "Medicines just kill you from inside."

Basit Hameed, a regular in the gym, said that he has been working out for many months, and he feels more confident and healthier now.

Apart from youngsters, older people also visit the gym to keep themselves fit.

Aqeel said that he has also installed a base cafeteria, supplement store, kickboxing and cardio section inside the gym building.

 " I have also purchased bodybuilding supplements which have zero side effects." And anyone, at any time, can come and join our gym centre, "he said. 

 Aqeel quoted that the young age is the time when one can truly mould themselves, and if you have a healthy corpus, you can achieve more than you imagine.

“Depression and anxiety are as common in Kashmir as snow and cold. Especially the youth who choose drugs as a way out are depressed. If one can find a way to keep his mind and body busy, these things can rarely affect us. Working out can help people with mental and health disorders overcome the compressive forces and enjoy a healthy life.”

"Many people come to me and share how working out has benefited them." He said, "Fitness is addictive like drugs, and the difference is just drugs kill you and it benefits you."

Aqeel said that they provide their members with proper diet plans as well. The young gym trainer said that 3 months after the opening of the gym, they organised a powerlifting competition for the youth of Bandipora under the registered federation of powerlifting in J & K and India.

“This competition was the first of its kind in the history of Bandipora, labelled as Mr Bandipora 2021, in which more than 40 fitness enthusiasts from different parts of Bandipora participated and lifted the title, facilitated with  medals and certificates as well.” 

We are planning to organise more such events in the coming years in the district to create opportunities for youth in different sports fields, Aqeel added. 

Aqeel said that his way into this profession is just like breaking stereotypes. “If you're B.tech, you need to work for a reputable IT firm. This concept is profoundly ingrained in each of us. But, regardless of what we studied, I wanted to show that it is possible to transform our passion into a career. That's exactly what I did.”

Aqeel had to go through his fair share of challenges while pursuing his passion. The first challenge was persuading his parents. Initially, they were reluctant but as Aqeel showed interest they too then supported him.

Aqeel considers that taking care of one’s own body is as important as breathing and surviving. Working out doesn’t only help you keep your body fit; it also refreshes one’s mind and also helps to release negative energy from the body. According to his experience, a healthy diet along with regular exercise helps a lot to keep your body in check. He always makes sure to eat healthy food with more fat and fewer carbohydrates, eats lots of green vegetables, and recommends the same to his clients.

Amongst all of his experiences, he believes that his clients must understand that he isn’t a designated doctor or that he doesn’t claim to cure diseases, but what he believes and preaches is that a healthy diet and a healthy body can’t do wonders in restraining such diseases. 

Aqeel has an experience of over four years and has made use of all the knowledge he gained over these many years of experience to make a better world, full of fit people.
He appreciates his client’s hard work and keeps on appealing to them to do better in life. His fitness centre, named "Aesthetic Era"  has been generously helping the people of Bandipora. 

“My aim is also to keep youth engaged with fitness so that they won't think of drugs. Some people in this gym were puffing cigarettes before joining the fitness club and now they are so health-conscious that they have left puffing.”


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