PCO's among women folk
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PCO's among women folk

Post by on Friday, October 29, 2021

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 Among the Present days life style disorders PCOD has been witnessed one of most common disorders among the young girls in our valley,what we are observing in our daily AYUSH, OPD average 5 cases from 10 girls , situation is very alarming and one of the reason of primary infertility in Kashmir valley.
What I have been observing our life style ,food adulteration, and fast food Trend has lead to drastic increase in these cases.
Many parents ignore the warning signs of obesity, Irregular monthly cycles , abnormal increased body hair in particular to face hirsutism,loss of Hair Alopecia,Acnes , Discoloration of skin.
This is the time to wake up and spread the awareness , change the food habits, regular exercise,and general screening at the time of menarche.
Please don't ignore the earlier symptoms if same trends continue don't know what happens to our generation.
A generous appeal to our people.
Please note
1,Consume a healthy and balanced diet.
2, Be regular at exercise.
3,  Don't eat late at night.
4, Drink plenty of water.
5, Eat enough vegetables.
6, Don't skip meals.
7, Eat more foods that are high in fiber. Because fiber slows down digestion it is effective at combating insulin resistance.
8, Balance Carbs and proteins.
Dr Abraar wani
Senior Medical Officer,Department of Ayush ,
Ayush unit District Hospital Ganderbal.

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