Patience is a Boon
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Patience is a Boon

Patience has been the hallmark of strong people, while as weak and fragile are deprived of this great blessing

Post by MUSHTAQ HURRA on Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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Patience is not just a bulwark to withstand hardships, predicaments and adversities; but it is an ability which capacitates us to fight the odds of life with honour and dignity. It is an attributive ornament which adores our souls and behaviours. It elevates and festoons the stature of those who live with it. If anger is a venom, then patience is its antidote. If anger is an abominable trait of the beastly Kingdom, then patience is the attribute of the angelic dominion. Anger contrives animosity and exasperation, but patience leads to peace, and tranquility.

Patience has been the hallmark of strong people, while as weak and fragile are deprived of this great blessing. Patience ensues gratitude and appreciation, where as impatience instigates complaining, ungratefulness and grumbling. It is the panacea for human miseries and hardships, because it strengthens our nerves to bear the pangs of pain. Ironically, during modern times, the virtue is waning into the thin air. And its complete exhaustion has sunk us deeper into the maelstrom of sorrow and displeasure.

Contemporary times have witnessed a surge in chaos and antagonism, because the great boon of patience is annoyed with the progeny of Adam (AS). Big nations of the world are at daggers drawn with each other, because their brains are impregnated with belligerence and anger. Incidence of gruesome murders and assassination attempts are growing, because people want to avenge everything and everyone.

We are ambitious about success both at individual and collective levels. We want everything happen overnight, without putting in adequate hardwork and investing sufficient time. Consequently; stress, anxiety and depression has become our fate. And when the patience dries up, the ugly vice of anger begins to blemish the immaculate fabric of humanity. The anger ceases our intellectual faculties, and we tend to take hasty and immature decisions, which embarrass us later. The great virtue of patience helps us to make adjustments and compromises in life, while as impatience gives space to stubbornness and obduracy. Patient people are as soft as marshmallows while impatient are as rigid as a statue.

Patience is an attribute of great souls. Prophets and apostles were subjected to stiff resistance and opposition, but they neither gave up their missions nor lost their cool, rather exhibited unprecedented patience to conquer their destinies. Hazrat Ayoob (AS) underwent a hard trial when Allah (SWT) subjected Him to a dreaded disease, Hazrat Yousuf (AS) went through afflictions and hard trials, but didn't succumb to it; Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) was forced to leave His birthplace (Mekkah), but He (SAW) made complete submission before the will of Allah (SWT), and displayed exemplary patience to bear the pangs of separation from His dear ones.

Scientists, scholars and political stalwarts have had the great trait of patience which helped them to realize their dreams. It took Thomas Alva Edison many years to select the appropriate material for the filament of his electric bulb. I mean, patience is the most important prerequisite to succeed in life. History bears testimony to the fact that great feats were not achieved overnight; rather extensive exhibition of patience has enabled people to create a niche for themselves. Success undoubtedly requires hardwork, and the hardwork compulsorily demands immense patience, because only patient people can bear the pangs of toil.

Patience helps people to bear difficulties and miseries happily. Even Allah (SWT) has urged us to exhibit patience. (Ya-ayu Halazeena Aama-Nusta Eenu Bissabri Wasalah,  Innallaha Ma-as Saabireen ). O believers, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah SWT is with the patient( Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 153 ). The patience is a blessing from Almighty Allah (SWT). It liberates us from the clutches of depravity, difficulty and anguish. The quality of patience teaches us to live happily despite turbulent times.

Domestic conflicts and breaches in relationships have widened swiftly, because the spirit of patience is gone. Neither elders nor youngsters have forbearance to tolerate a verbal comment from eachother. We instantly react to everything, and accordingly, resort to unfair and indecent responses, which cause vicious bitterness in our kinships and ties. Broken families, marital disputes, ancestral property clashes, sibling rivalries and other petty issues have entangled us in the labyrinth of hatred and jealousy, because we have lost the attribute of patience.

Tendency of suicide among young people is growing by big proportions. Though there are plethora of reasons behind the menace, but the lack of patience to embrace a failure or a delay to reach a set goal, is probably the root cause of it. Denial of a privilege from family or higher ups often infuriates a person, and he/she reacts instantly because the boon of patience has exhausted. Strong people have the power to bear all the embarrassment, because they are equipped with the prophetic trait of patience, while as, people with scanty or no patience are bereft of the quality to tolerate and endure the unwanted results. The onus is on us to inculcate patience in our young people. Parents and teachers have a vital role to play.


(Author is an Academician and a Columnist. He can be reached at

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