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Pathania for resolving stalemate arising out of PHE workers, ‘safai karamchari’ strike

Post by on Friday, July 15, 2022

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Udhampur, July 14: While addressing a series of meetings at Udhampur, Majalta,  Ramnagar, Ranbir Singh Pathania, the BJP spokesperson Thursday  called upon the government to work for an effective resolution of the stalemate with regard to PHE  daily wagers  strike .
This unscheduled strike has virtually crippled the drinking water supply in the peak of the summers/monsoon. He also called for immediate engagement with Safai Karamcharis of Udhampur.
Heaps of filth and garbage remains strewn on streets of Udhampur thereby causing serious health hazards to the residents as well as  commuters. And even passionate appeals by citizens of Municipal Council Udhampur have failed to forbear any remedial action. Utter confusion prevails over here. Ironically,  no concrete measures have been taken for working out the stalemates. While making a point during interaction with striking employees, Mr. Pathania said that as per the practice and the law settled by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of this country, the doctrine of 'hire and fire' cannot be resorted to.  Here we are having daily wagers who are working since the past two-three decades pleading for regularisation and timely payment of monthly wages. Firstly, every daily wager, casual worker is entitled to a decent wage, more or less more than the minimum wage,  decent working conditions and timely payment of wages. The dailywagers who constitute the very backbone of government as well as various govt. operations are in a state of uncertainty due to inaction and indolence on part of the previous regimes. A sincere effort to register and make all the dailywagers online was made while BJP was in coalition hereinover. More so, focus was also  laid on their regularisation and timely payment of wages. Now it becomes the duty and onus of LG- led dispensation to see that the young working force of this UT does not face more exploitation. Positivity and pragmatism is the very need of the hour.

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