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Parents: Treasure of Love and Sympathy

Parents: Treasure of Love and Sympathy

Post by on Saturday, June 12, 2021

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Parents are more than guardians, lovers and friends to their children. Allah (SWT) has blessed us with these two treasures of compassion, sympathy, love and care who value us more than their own lives


My tongue will incontrovertibly fail to pay gratitude to Almighty Allah (SWT) for numerous favors conferred upon me. My vocabulary will undoubtedly fall short of words to acknowledge the benevolences accorded to me, by the king of empyrean. I could have been a mere lump of blood and flesh, if my Lord would not have bestowed adorable looks and strong structure to me. I could have been blunt-minded, if the omniscient Allah (SWT) wouldn't have opened the treasures of knowledge, logic and reasoning for me. So, there are thousands of reasons to be grateful to my Lord but none to grumble, complain and to be thankless to Him.


From a mere drop of a semen, to a good-looking hunk, man journeys through different stages of life. Unlike anarchical societies, we enjoy the prerogative and identity of legitimate parenthood. Had people been deprived of the privilege of parenthood, the world would have been inhabited by goons and illegitimate children. Thank God, He (Allah SWT) has chosen us among the privileged ones who enjoy the noble patronage and aegis of parenthood. Parents are more than guardians, lovers and friends to their children. Allah (SWT) has blessed us with these two treasures of compassion, sympathy, love and care who value us more than their own lives.


Parents are undoubtedly the source of love and affection to the numerous lives that sprout from the bosom of the mother earth. We know how a mother hen fights a kestrel to save its brood from its tantrums. We are witness to the glorifying similitude of motherhood when a lean-looking dam suckles four to five puppies to-gather. The highest degree of motherhood is seen in human beings. A human mother ensures every possible comfort and convenience to her toddler. Thus, parents, particularly mothers become our first caretakers, patrons and benefactors. We hardly realize the predicament and pain, a mother goes through from the first day of conception of a fetus.


After the conception of a fetus in her womb, a mother begins to confront different difficulties and hardships. She suffers different deficiencies and diseases to her pregnancy. Anaemia in advanced pregnancy leads to acute insomnia. But, it never embarrasses and hurts a mother, because, she anticipates giving birth to her heir, pacification of her eyes and the tranquility of her heart. The quickening (Fetal movement in advanced pregnancy) of fetus exhilarate and elate her mind. She yearns dreams and longings with the fetus growing in her womb. And finally, the pangs of labor pain set her to immense affliction and agony. But, the birth of a child heals up her bruises and relieves her of the pain. She suckles the young one with love; never minds washing the potty of her child, cradles her in her arms and lap, sings sweet lullabies for the toddler. Toddlers often give mothers weary, tedious and sleepless nights. A mother loves and pampers her children till her last breath. Mothers treat their progeny as children though they are old and aged. 


And a father is the symbol of strength, solidity and courage for a family. He is like a stanchion who bears the burden of misfortunes, austerity and the vehemence of fate of his family. He undergoes difficulties and miseries happily because his progeny is the source of motivation for his endurance. He hardly laments or groans about the mountainous destitution and deprivation, he confronts. Every father can’t afford to place a silver spoon in the mouths of his children. Many fathers purchase smiles and joys for their families, at the cost of their blood and sweat. A father apparently sacrifices his joys to let his progeny have comforts and conveniences in life. Many fathers pedal a rickshaw in sizzling weather to arrange two meals for their children, many pull handcarts to earn sufficient bucks to extinguish the fire of bellies of their offspring’s, many carry ass-loads of burden on their shoulders to provide the necessities of life to their posterity. I have some vivid reminiscences of my own father's hard days, when penury almost cramped him. But, he somehow managed to bring us up like monarchs. I know, he suffered a lot but never let shadows of sorrow hover over us.  


Now, the children of modern times have rebelled against their parents. Contrary to our religious obligations and glorious moral traditions, we have begun to abandon our parents. Though the concept of old-age homes is yet to expand its wings in our part of globe, but, young people hardly take good care of their parents. We have hundreds of episodes corroborating the fact where parents of four or five sons are secluded or segregated. Old parents are forced to live in single shabby rooms while as their children enjoy the luxury of bungalows and comfortable houses. Many unfortunate parents have velvety carpets under their feet but no one to converse with because their children have disavowed and disowned them, for some mere sums of extra bucks. 


Many young people have become intolerant towards their parents. They hardly let them talk or intervene in different day to day issues. They are considering them to be deficient for any kind of decision making. They are silenced with expletives and invectives. It is an irony to sideline someone who taught you to stand on your own legs, who piggybacked you on his shoulders lovingly, who invited troubles for himself to eliminate the worries of your life. Now, when children have become stout, strong and handsome, they hardly bother to talk to their benefactors. They either forget or neglect their extraordinary and unconditional love and patience for them when they were young and inform. Many young people rarely let their parents speak. Here, I am reminded of an anecdote from our folklore.


Once, a child caught hold of his father's hand and asked him by pointing towards a nearby tree, “Papa, what is there on that tree branch? His father replied, “My dear son, it is a crow ". The child asked again, “Papa, tell me, what is that "? The man, very lovingly, replied, " My cutie pie, it is a crow ". But, the child repeated the same question almost a dozen times. The man kept replying with the same answer, without raising eyebrows. The man embraced his son, took up him in his arms, kissed his forehead repeatedly and went home back. Days kept passing, the child was now a grown-up young man. One day, his father's eyes caught sight of a crow, sitting on a rooftop. The sight of the crow scratched the canvas of his memories. All of a sudden, he said to his son, “My child, what is there on that rooftop?" The young man replied instantly, “a crow indeed ". His father repeated the same question, “My son what is that?" The young man grew angry, and scolded his father with disgusting the remarks, “Are you blind, it is vividly a crow. 


Now, look, how Islam commands us to respect our parents. The Holy Quran states,  "And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small." (Al-Isra). Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said, “O! I wish my parents were alive, if not both, I wish my mother was alive. You would see what I would have done for her. I would have been praying, reciting surah Al-Fatiha, and from my house, my mother would have called me: Mohammad (SAW). So, for my mother, I would have left my Salah (Namaaz) midway." This is the message of the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW).  May Allah (SWT) bestow us with the obedience of our parents.  


(The writer is a Teacher and Rising Kashmir Columnist. He can be reached at mushtaqhurra143@gmail.com)


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