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Parenting Matters
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Parenting Matters

Post by on Monday, August 1, 2022

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Upbringing plays a vital role in character-building.  If children are left on their own, they will do what no parent would approve of. Freedom is good, but unlimited freedom is an evil. In the name of modernity, parents cannot, rather should not forget their responsibilities. Nobody can succeed in polluting the minds of children unless parents wittingly or unwittingly allow it. Nowadays, so-called modern parents take less pains in teaching their children how to live a morally upright life and leave everything to teachers and educational institutions. The job cannot be entrusted only to the clergy or the teachers. Every person has to play his part. Modern technology, experts believe has caused what they term as `pre-mature maturity’. This disturbing trend has raised some serious questions.Parents on their part need to go for little soul searching.They must keep watch over their wards. If they display costly gifts, parents must ask how they got it. Similarly, if they walk in with expensive cell phones, explanations must be sought.  Parents must pay occasional visits to educational institutions and inquire about the conduct of their children. Unauthorized absence from class or tuition centers must be taken note of.  We all need to wake up to fight the menace of drug addiction, promiscuity and waywardness in Kashmir.This is dangerous and one of the reasons for alarming rise in social evils that isprevalent in the society. The technology has to be used in a proper way and once again the parents have an important role to play.No doubt that any exercise aimed at saving our youngsters from the curse of perverted practices will include reprimanding them for this wrong, but care has to be taken that it doesn’t further alienate them from the society. Over the years, the bond within the family members is slackening. If our society has to be saved, parents have to seriously do a rethinking over their roles in a family. Our society can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to what is happening around us. Parents have to change if our young generation has to be saved.The parents, the society, the teachers and the clergy have to wake up and join hands to save our younger generation from indulging in indecent and morally questionable practices. If as a society we really care for our future generation we must take it as a challenge and devise a method that can correct such ills.

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