Pagah Theatre Festival 2023 wraps up in Srinagar, celebrating art and culture
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Pagah Theatre Festival 2023 wraps up in Srinagar, celebrating art and culture

Post by Bintul Huda on Monday, July 17, 2023

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Srinagar, July 16: The second edition of the Pagah Theatre Festival 2023, organized by Vomedh in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL), concluded on Sunday, leaving behind a trail of captivating performances that resonated with the diverse audience.
The week-long festival, held at Tagore Hall in Srinagar, showcased a rich tapestry of theatrical presentations that enthralled attendees from various walks of life, including notable figures such as Khalid Tufail, President of Jammu and Kashmir Watan Parast Front.
At the closing ceremony, all eyes were on the play "Mouj," presented by Mahek Drama Club, which marked the stage debut of playwright Shahnaz Mushtaq. The play's director and one of the main leads, Farhat Siddiqui, mesmerized the audience with her powerful performance. Alongside her, the talented cast, including Muntazir, Hurain, Fatima Sofi, Nazeer Ahmad, Mohammad Ashraf, and Jan Majnu, showcased their extraordinary talents and left a lasting impression on the spectators.
One of the audience members, Saima, expressed her emotions, stating, "I found the play heart-wrenching and emotional. I wish more such plays are organized; they are informative and promote our Kashmiri culture."
The successful collaboration between Vomedh, JKAACL, and all the participating artists received praise for their efforts in making the festival a vibrant celebration of art, culture, and the Kashmiri language.
The chief guest, Khalid Tufail, emphasized the urgent need to preserve the Kashmiri language in his remarkable speech during the closing ceremony. "As custodians of the language, it is our responsibility to actively implement it in our daily speech," he urged.
Concluding the event, festival director Rohit Bhat delivered a heartfelt speech expressing his deep gratitude to all attendees and participants for their support. He emphasized the significance of Theatre as an art form that needs preservation in the present times.
"Theatre is no less than any social service. It has inspired us for many years, and it should continue to do so. We should protect it at all costs, especially today when it is not given much importance," he concluded.
The resounding success of the Pagah Theatre Festival 2023 has set the stage for future editions, ensuring a continued celebration of art and culture in the region. The festival has not only entertained the masses but has also served as a platform for promoting local talent and preserving the rich heritage of Kashmiri theatre and language.

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