Over Rs 15,000 Cr spent on J&K security in 34 years: MHA Report
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Over Rs 15,000 Cr spent on J&K security in 34 years: MHA Report

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 10 : In the span of 34 years, the Government of India has allocated a staggering sum exceeding Rs 15,000 crore for various security-related expenditures in Jammu and Kashmir, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs' Annual Report for 2022-23.
The report reveals that a substantial Rs 10,528.72 crore was spent on Security Related Expenditure (Police), in addition to Rs 5,348.68 crore allocated for Security Related Expenditure.
As of December 31, 2022, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has already received reimbursements from the central government. Specifically, Rs 308.98 crore has been reimbursed under Security Related Expenditure (Police), and Rs 198.62 crore under Security Related Expenditure (Rehabilitation and Relief). Furthermore, Rs 2.51 crore has been disbursed under the Security Related Expenditure (Security Environment) Scheme during the fiscal year 2022-23.
Given the persistent challenge of militancy in the region, a Security Related Expenditure (SRE) scheme for Jammu and Kashmir was initiated in 1989-90. This scheme facilitates reimbursement of 90% and 100% of incurred expenses.
The SRE (Police) component aims to support the logistical needs of the Jammu and Kashmir police force in countering militancy, while the SRE Relief & Rehabilitation (R&R) program focuses on aiding the relief and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants displaced during the period of militancy, among other initiatives.
Over nearly three decades, Jammu & Kashmir has faced a prolonged wave of terrorism and secessionist violence, often fuelled by external sources. In 2018, the region saw 228 terror-related incidents, 189 encounters or counter-terrorism operations, resulting in the loss of 91 Security Forces (SFs) members and 55 civilians. However, 257 terrorists were eliminated, reflecting relentless efforts to combat insurgency.
Subsequent years also presented security challenges. In 2019, there were 153 recorded incidents of terror, with 102 encounters, resulting in the loss of 80 SFs personnel and 44 civilians, while 157 terrorists were neutralized. In 2020, 126 terror incidents were recorded, with 118 encounters, resulting in 63 SFs members and 38 civilians falling victim to violence, but 221 terrorists were eliminated.
In 2021, there were 129 terror incidents and 100 encounters, with 42 SFs personnel and 41 civilians losing their lives, while 180 terrorists were neutralized. In 2022, there were 125 recorded incidents of terror, with 117 encounters, resulting in lower casualties (32 SFs and 31 civilians), but 187 terrorists were eliminated.
The report also highlights the evolving patterns of infiltration. In 2017, Jammu and Kashmir reported 419 infiltration attempts, followed by 328 in 2018, 216 in 2019, 99 in 2020, 77 in 2021, and 53 in 2022. Additionally, the data indicates that the number of net estimated infiltration attempts exhibited a similar trend: 136 in 2017, 143 in 2018, 141 in 2019, 51 in 2020, 34 in 2021, and 14 in 2022.

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