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Organising sports events important to channelize energy of youth positively: Div Com

Post by on Monday, August 2, 2021

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Srinagar, Aug 01: Energy of youths must be channelized positively in sports for which organizing sports events like football leagues is important, said Div Com Kashmir, PK Pole said.
He said sports will restrict youth in indulging in drugs and antisocial activities.
Div Com said this at the concluding ceremony of JKFA professional league 2021. He also encouraged players and applauded them for their performances.
While talking to media persons on the occasion Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P.K. Pole said that the match is organized by Jammu Kashmir sports council, youth services and sports and Jammu Kashmir Football association.  They conducted 25 matches in the last 15 days.
 “The final is being played between Hederya sports FC and Downtown Hero’s FC today, both the team have professional footballers, some of the players are from other countries and some from other provinces/states,” he said, adding that sports lover who have inclination towards this game from everywhere have arrived here in the stadium.
He added that he thinks that football is the choicest game of the valley, which requires a lot of energy.
 “Energy of youths must be channelized positively in sports, to channelize the energy of youth organizing such events is important,” Div Com said.
He added that he was informed by the Secretary Sports council and the Director youth sports and services told me that  they are conducting 5- 10 such events in the entire valley. 
Pole requested media persons to give coverage to positive events.
“even I have requested the Secretary sports council and Director youth services to brief the event for those who are covering sports in print and electronic media, so that the public particularly youths attract towards sports and so that they won’t go towards drugs and anti-social activities.
If we channelize the energy of our youth in a positive direction then there is definitely a lot of scope here.
 “Children of valley having so much talent that they can participate in international level , even in past so many people have participated in international events,” he said, adding that he was told that a footballer from baramulla  who has represented Indian team at international such footballers or other sports persons from other sports should be our role models in coming days.
Pole said that the government is serious about the development of sports in the valley. So that, our young children shall become our role models.
About the preparation for the coming COVID-19 third wave he said they have increased oxygen supported beds four times , have established COVID centres in panchayats and in various places they have established testing centres.
 “We are hopeful that we will face that successfully, our vaccination drive is going well and we appeal to the public for following covid appropriate behavior, use mask and compliance of social distancing,” he said.
On the occasion Secretary Jammu Kashmir Sports council, Nuzhat Gul said it is the final day of professional league, the game is being played between hyderya sports and Downtown Heros, it is the culmination process of our league which is going on for the past fifteen to seventeen days.
 “It is a welcome step that series of matches were going through here, people in larger numbers participated in these matches,” she said.
Government has given mandate to the sports council to bring children out of their homes and involve them in sports activities, channelize their energy positively, and engage youth in sports.
 “Various sports activities are being organized at various places across Kashmir,”
Regarding organizing tournaments like this in hockey Gul said they need hockey players.
 “We are doing a talent hunt for finding talent in Hockey in the valley, we have given five to six camps to different associations in different districts across the valley.
She said that they will establish camps for hunting talent in Hockey.
 “Then these players would be incorporated in districts after  talent hunting from grass root level. So that we could organize hockey matches of this level,” she said.

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