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Post by on Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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Covid-19 pandemic has impacted human life world over. It has affected all the segments of human endeavor and presented an unprecedented challenge to the world at large.  This pandemic has made technology and scientific advancements as the guiding forces for the governance, world over.  In Kashmir the pace of things in this direction is extremely slow. Education department in our UT has also not been able to capitalize on these advancements. In other states or for that matter world over the new technological advancements are continuously merged with the educational activities to maximize the benefits and pass it on to the students.  When we turn around and have a look at our prestigious educational institutions working in the valley we are disturbed and disappointed because no such serious effort has been made in this direction. Leave alone the new and latest advancements; many of the public educational institutions don’t have access to internet. Computerization of educational institutions is a thing which started as early as 2000 and there are a number of educational departments which still are bereft of this facility. The main advantage of this facility is that the students not only remain in touch with other educational institutions in India, but world over. It can help students in more than one way to unfold their talent and will go a long way in exposing them to new developments and clearing fresh concepts in various subjects, be it Science, Mathematics or Social Sciences. Many educationists are of the opinion that online learning will surely go a long way in changing the entire educational system during covid times. Amid the ongoing pandemic, the education department and the concerned authorities need to equip all the government schools with latest technology as it is the need of modern day educational system. We need to shape our system of education in a way that provokes the intellectual and inquisitive element of our students. If teachers can really help unleash the potential of our students we can revolutionize the entire system of education, and can make strides in the field of science and technology. It may not be possible to provide these facilities to all the educational institutes running in the UT, however, a beginning can be made and sooner or later time will come when the entire educational system in our UT will be equipped with all the latest gadgets and communication facilities. It only demands a serious attitude and an action plan that is consistent.

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