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On Self Awareness
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On Self Awareness

Post by on Thursday, March 3, 2022

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First you must know, what is self-awareness? Oxford dictionary defines self-awareness as, “knowledge and understanding your own character". It simply means you know your traits, behavior and emotions very well. Self-awareness is one of the ways to secure mental health as it improves your self-esteem and higher the self-esteem, lower the chances to get mental health disorders.


Why is self-awareness important? Reasons are:

·       It is one of the life skills and life skills help you to grow.

·       We get better listening skills.

·       We show more empathy towards people. Empathy can be described as putting your feet in other's people shoe; simply it means we are able to understand other people's situation.

·       We get a better picture of our self.


We get to know what is self-awareness and its importance. Now I will share a beautiful quote with you written by Drew Gerald, "Look outside and you will see yourself. Look inside and you will find yourself". Now I will give you an activity to do that will help you to gain self-awareness.


Activity: Write your name vertically and then give each letter a suitable adjective and after writing adjectives, write a paragraph/essay/ poem about you using these adjectives to describe you. For example:

M- Miracle.

A- Adorable.

L- Lovely.

I- Introvert.

H- Hopeful.

A- Amazing.


I am a miraculous girl with lots of miracles. My eyes have miracle with an adorable smile. I love to show love towards me that is the reason I am lovely. My introvert side is ideal for me. It gives me a sense of hope to live which makes me hopeful. And these things together make me amazing and which make me MALIHA.


Let's wrap it up with some questions now what are your opinions related to self-awareness. Was it helpful? If yes/no give feedback I will love to answer your feedback


(Author is a Student)

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