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On Prof Nadeem's 1st Death Anniversary

Prof Nadeem was not only versatile and dynamic but also a visionary man, who knew that the ultimate aim behind studies is survival of the fittest

Post by on Thursday, June 17, 2021

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The most difficult job in this part of the world is to compile about someone who is not among you now. It needs a memory sharper than knife and a pen not only with a beautiful ink but with truthfulness in it. Our religion has stressed not to use any bad or harsh words against the deceased. Deceased are the ones who are writing the answer papers, the questions of which undoubtedly are tougher than the questions which we take in the examination halls.


Nani, used to tell me that few questions shall be asked in the grave that are tougher than the books you read or the answers you writer in the answer script and I would reply Nani with a cheeky smile, “Nani, not as tougher than these math problems which I am to solve here, they need terrible concentration and commitment apart from the brutal looks of that math teacher with clown whiskers." My replies would often be a catalyst which would surge the action. When at times I would get a notion may words have hurt her, I would soberly reply, “Nani, you often tell, Allah is oft merciful and oft forgiving."


I would not know  Prof.Nadeem sahib personally, but during my course, he was the only one by whom I was highly impressed, not because of ex-bureaucrat background or the other epithets which would make him a gigantic personality and distinguish him from the rest of the professors of the valley but because despite achieving a dream like profile he was so calm and composed like ice  that it would make one to disbelieve, is he really that worthy man who has attained such  an epitome in his life span. 


Recalling an incident, when a scholar terribly misbehaved with him, although, I don't know the genesis of that issue but such behavior from a scholar before her supervisor was not justifiable at all. Prof. Nadeem kept his calm and didn't utter even a word during the incident and after the incident. When the scholar had left, Prof Nadeem was told by an Assistant Professor why didn't he react and his suggestion would be that the legal action must be called against her behavior. Prof. Nadeem was a man of few words, his aphorism besides his intellectual capabilities would always be admired and one would desire to have them. Prof. Nadeem smiled and finally said, " A student remains under tremendous stress; mentally economically, physically, socially and sentimentally. I and you are at a stable position, we get handsome salaries at the end of every month, but, do you know the financial status of the girl who seemed to be iffy with me." Prof. Nadeem, contemplated for few minutes and added, “the movement she realizes that she has done a mistake, she will come straight to my chamber for apology."  One thing I have realised that people whom Allah (SWT) has bestowed with immense bounties are always down to earth as Moula Ali (AR) says, “the branch which has many fruits in it, is humbler than the rest of the branches."  


The very next day, the girl came with her apologies and begged she be forgiven for her rude and mean behavior. People like Prof. Nadeem, are foresighted  and have a great vision and cause behind them, they least care about their self-esteem when it comes to broader perspectives, for their vision and prescience always keep them ahead of time and makes them least bother  about trifle issues. I once heard moulana Tariq Jameel saying, “Books don't imbibe a good character in a person but a good company does." A saying in Arabic is, “A tree is known by its fruits and a person by his company." His sober behaviour was quite intriguing and instigated me to know his background. There is proverb in English, “Even if a man can move a mountain still he cannot escape his upbringing.”


Prof Nadeem was not only versatile and dynamic but also a visionary man, who knew that the ultimate aim behind studies is survival of the fittest. He would often tell his research scholars prepare for competitive exams as tasks become possible and easier after financial security and stability. Of late, JKPSC Assistant Professor Selection list, many of his research scholars and his students got selected and are now working in different colleges in the Union territory in different capacities as Assistant professors. Moreover, few among his students are also working in the central University of Kashmir as Assistant professors, among whom one was recruited under his tenure in 2017.


Professor Nadeem sir was working as the Dean and Head of the Education Department in Central University of Kashmir and retired as the same in 2018. His tenure was extended by concerned vice chancellor for his extraordinary service he had rendered during his life span. The career of Students would always remain his top priority. He would always be particular to declare the result in time so that the students would fetch the job as the earliest and stable the financial stability of their families. He was noble and gentle soul who died last year on 10th June, 2020, due to heart attack and left behind a long service he had rendered for public and society. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen



(Author is RK columnist and can be reached at:  mufti.jameel97@gmail.com)



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