On arrival of ‘Chilai-Kalan’
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On arrival of ‘Chilai-Kalan’

I have not come in your life on the way to disturb you but I have come to enhance the beauty in your lives, as you know that I add charm in your lives

Post by MUFTI JAMEEL FAROOQ on Friday, December 23, 2022

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I am coming, you better be cautious as, I am bestowed with that talent.  I know you missed me but I am back after a long period of a year.  Don’t be sad, I am very consistent unlike human beings.  I have my rules and regulations.  I follow principles and I am much disciplined.  I was not welcomed and I don’t know why?  I am here only for forty days then I will leave you for a year to miss me.  I have not come in your life on the way to disturb you but I have come to enhance the beauty in your lives, as you know that I add charm in your lives.  Although, I know that I have innate things by which you don’t like me, you off and on say that you put us in toil, you make our children ill, and because of you our elders fear to go out.  Which all is write but, have you ever pondered over the thing that if I am harsh but, how good are you to your own fraternity?  If old ones fear due to me but how much you make them fear for the whole year?  I am very obedient to my lord, whatever he says to me I follow that in whatever He turns me in, I never refuse that. 

I am unlike you in-obedient who are being given by lord but rebel against Him, never say a word thanks from your mouth to Him.  See that he has only given me forty days but, I am much more contented in it.  I follow his rules and never go against them.  I had come to tell you that; as I am back put not the children in the naked firmament because they may get cold.  Say to them my name and the identity too since they could understand, who I am?  Do say to your elders that I am back so that they can teach you the lessons by which I had become feeble.  Think not that I am weak as, I am strong enough because you have stopped listening to your elders and, I thank you for that since they had made me weak but I am now strong enough to fight you.  Listen not to your elders as their ideas are bogus as you say.  Follow your ignorance so that you may win some day.  It’s absolutely right old is gold but leave not your modern gadgets in order to shun me.  Your elders are familiar with me so listen never of them as you do.

Forget not to say my greetings to your elders, as I have long relation with them.  I remember that they used to put buffer stocks before my coming.  They would have shared all these moments with you but you don’t talk to them because of modern ethics.  Do me a big favour by conveying my greeting to them as, they told me last year that they don’t know when their young ones have greeted them.  Dress up your children heavily so that they may not fall ill/sick, keep them in watch so that they cannot eat icicles by which they may cough.  Wear them gloves and caps in order to keep their skin in charm.  You may wonder why I am telling you all that because I love these angels and are being loved by creator too.  They are very modest and are out of filth of utility, they are not exposed to what you are.  They are the angels in the disguise of children but will not remain so, of which I rue for them.  They know not what they are but please, I plead you teach them not what you know. Stop not them making merry at their heaven until they taste the forbidden fruit.  This I plead you and request you too, although they know not what are they in?  And what is the pleasure of being there?

I advice you today human beings, enjoy their essence as they bring essence into existence.  Give my love to them as I love them too.  They are the ones who you used to be once.  They know not the words like you know: selfishness, materiality, and atrocities.  Although, they know only love conquers all.  Imitate their love so that you could bring pureness in your lives and may see the signs which have long been stopped.  Tell them not the good and bad as they are reared by God Himself.

This message I am putting to you so that you can introspect what you do and what is needed, It may seem freak and may look nonsense either as; great people were always misunderstood.  Tell my child not anything as he is very angry with your role.  I will come back and then would see what you did what not?  I will listen the ordeals of your elders as I have listened in past.  Hopelessly do I hope that you will change as nothing but hope sustains life have I heard.  My coming back is definite, as I am principled and disciplined.


(Author is RK Columnist and can be reached on: mufti.jameel97@gmail.com)

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