Obesity prevention for kids
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Obesity prevention for kids

Post by on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Obesity prevention begins at a young age.It’s important to help young people maintain a healthy weight.
1.Breastfeed infants,when possible
One 2014 analysis of 25 studies found that breastfeeding was associated with a reduced risk of childhood obesity.
2.Feed growing children appropriate portion sizes;The American Academy of Pediatrics explainsthat toddlers don’t require huge amounts of food.From ages 1 to 3,every inch of height should equate to roughly 40 calories of food intake.
3.Encourage older children to learn what various portion sizes look like;
Build early relationships with healthy foods.Encourage your child to try a variety of different fruits,vegetables,and proteins from an early age.As they grow older,they may be more likely to incorporate these healthy foods into their own diet.
3.Eat healthy foods as a family;
Changing eating habits as a family allows children to experience healthy eating early on.This will make it easier for them to continue following good eating habits as they grow into adults.
4.Encourage eating slowly and only when hungry;
Overeating can happen if you eat when you’re not hungry.This excess fuel eventually becomes stored as body fat and can lead to obesity.Encourage your child to eat only when they feel hungry and to chew more slowly for better digestion.
5.Limit unhealthy foods in the household;
If you bring unhealthy foods into the household,your child may be more likely to eat them.Try to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy foods,and don't allow less-healthy snacks even as a rare“treat”
6.Incorporate fun and exciting physical activity;The World Health Organization(WHO) recommends that kids and teens get at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily.Fun physical activities include games,sports, gym class,or even outdoor chores.
7.Limit your child's screen time;
More time spent sitting in front of a screen means less time for physical activity and good sleep. Because exercise and sleep play a role in a healthy weight,it’s important to encourage those activities over computer or TV time.

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