Nutrition: Flavour for mood
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Nutrition: Flavour for mood

Post by Rupali Datta, RD on Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Our brain cells store information. When we eat certain flavours, we feel happy and content. Flavour in our food affects our brain positively, something Ayurveda stated 3000 years ago and science is now proving them right.

  • Cinnamon has a warm spicy flavour that helps stimulate our brain.
  • Citrus is a refreshing flavour and is known to make us alert, and give a sense of “all is well”.
  • The fresh smell and taste of peppermint motivates and helps us learn better.
  • Vanilla is a flavour of relaxation.
  • The crisp sweetness of apples relaxes our brain.
  • Last but not the least Chocolate is known to alleviate our mood and make us happy.

Rupali Datta, RD

Founder Diet Decisions


Consultant Nutritionist