Nowdal Teerath Yatra returns to grandeur after three decades in Pulwama 
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Nowdal Teerath Yatra returns to grandeur after three decades in Pulwama 

Post by Javid Sofi on Monday, September 4, 2023

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Pulwama, Sep 03: After a hiatus of three decades, the Nowdal Teerath Yatra in Tral, Pulwama district, rekindled its former grandeur in a vibrant celebration that brought together Kashmiri Pandits and devout followers. This auspicious event marked a momentous cultural and religious revival, drawing praise for its organization and unity among attendees.
The local administration meticulously arranged for the comfort and convenience of the devotees, ensuring a smooth and reverent experience. The festival grounds resounded with melodious chanting of various Bhajans, reverent performance of Pooja rituals, and the sacred lighting of a Hawan.
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Bhat, Chairman of the Temple Shrine Praband Committee Tral and Awantipora, shed light on the significance of Nowdal Choerum, a day on their Panchang calendar commemorating the conclusion of the Amarnath Yatra steeped in profound religious traditions. Dr. Bhat expressed, "This age-old tradition has been revitalized, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the local community for their warm welcome to devotees."
Powerful collective prayers resonated throughout the festival grounds, with devotees beseeching for peace, prosperity, and the nurturing of communal harmony and brotherhood among diverse sections of society.
Farooq Ahmad Trali, Chairman of Citizen Council Tral, shared his elation at witnessing the festival's revival in its past glory after 30 years. "The Citizen Council Tral, Fruit Mandi Tral, and Village Welfare Committee, Nowdal, extended a warm welcome to devotees," he affirmed, echoing collective hope for the return of migrant Kashmiri Pandits to their ancestral valley.
A heart-warming aspect of this revival was the remarkable display of unity, as members of the Muslim community graciously served water and other refreshments to the devoted attendees. This gesture underscored the spirit of togetherness and communal solidarity that transcends religious boundaries.
The resurgence of the Nowdal Teerath Yatra festival not only rekindles cultural pride but also serves as a living testament to the enduring traditions and interfaith harmony that enrich the region's cultural fabric. This celebration is a symbol of unity, hope, and the shared cultural heritage of the people of Kashmir.

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