No more waiting in lines, hassle-free services through digitalization: CS 
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No more waiting in lines, hassle-free services through digitalization: CS 

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Tuesday, September 5, 2023

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Srinagar, Sept 04: 
In a significant step towards advancing the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta underscored the paramount importance of digitalisation during the inauguration of a digital week in Srinagar. 
Speaking to reporters at the event, the Chief Secretary Mehta expressed his belief in the power of digitalization. He stated, "Digitalisation is undeniably the most potent tool for propelling our UT into the future. Its greatest strength lies in the process of transferring power from officers to the people, empowering every citizen."
Mehta emphasised that the presence of digital technology is crucial in ensuring the right course of action. He asserted, "Where there is digitalisation, there is nothing amiss; it acts as a safeguard against malfeasance. Conversely, where digitalisation is absent, there is a risk of wrongdoings occurring unchecked."
The Chief Secretary acknowledged that while some individuals with ulterior motives might resist the digitalisation initiative, a substantial majority stands firmly in favour of it. He highlighted the contrasting opinions within the community, with proponents advocating for the adoption of digital tools to streamline administrative processes and improve public services.
Mehta reassured the public that physical visits to government offices were becoming obsolete, thanks to the comprehensive digitalization efforts undertaken by the administration. 
"Our commitment to full digital integration is making an enormous difference in the lives of our citizens. They no longer need to endure the hassles of physical visits to government offices, as we are fully equipped to serve them digitally," he affirmed.

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