No girl will be deprived of education in near future: LG Sinha
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No girl will be deprived of education in near future: LG Sinha

Applauds teachers as fearless revolutionaries transforming education Substantial funds allocated to upgrade 7000 schools in the region 

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Srinagar, Sep 5: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Tuesday asserted that in the near future, no girl in the region would be deprived of an education, affirming the administration's unwavering commitment to achieving this vital goal.
Paying tributes to former President, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birth anniversary, the Lt Governor said the occasion provides us an opportunity to acknowledge the significant contribution of teachers to the society and the nation.
“Teacher is the biggest revolutionary and courageous person of this world. He breaks the barriers, old methods and gives a new shape, a new direction to the children, a new resolve and sparks new thinking in the minds of the children,” the Lt Governor said.
On the occasion, Lt. Governor Sinha unveiled an ambitious plan to upgrade schools across the Union Territory, with a primary focus on improving infrastructure and ensuring adequate staffing. This year, approximately 6000 schools are set to receive upgrades, with an additional 1000 schools scheduled for improvements in the following year.
In his address, Lt Governor Sinha acknowledged the notable success of girl students in rural areas and recognised the need to address educational disparities in urban areas. He emphasized the administration's dedication to providing equal opportunities and facilities to all students, regardless of their location.
Reflecting on past practices, Lt. Governor Sinha criticised the previous upgrades of schools in the region, which often overlooked the fundamental needs of manpower and infrastructure.
Extending his heartfelt greetings to the teaching community, Lt. Governor Sinha praised the role of teachers as catalysts for change and innovation in the lives of young minds. He described teachers as revolutionaries who break down barriers, and old methodologies, and ignite fresh thinking and resolve among students.
 “A teacher is an explorer who discovers hidden diamonds, gems and pearls in the form of students. As a gemologist, a teacher examines and shapes the diamonds carrying diverse talents. He is a jeweler and gives perfect shape and shine to precious gems,” the Lt Governor added.
He also stressed the importance of fostering creativity within the classroom, encouraging teachers to nurture students' unique talents and innovative ideas.
Lt. Governor Sinha emphasized the need for a balanced approach to education, one that values creativity and curiosity over competition. He called for assessments based on originality, experimentation, creativity, and scientific exploration, rather than fostering a purely competitive environment.
He, further, underlined the significance of instilling values of harmony, brotherhood, and compassion, alongside qualities of teamwork and leadership, in the younger generation. Lt. Governor Sinha urged educators to explore new teaching methods that promote lifelong learning.
In a resounding commitment to improving the state of education, Lt Governor Sinha announced a substantial allocation of funds to upgrade 7000 schools lacking basic facilities, with 6000 schools set to receive improvements this year and an additional 1000 next year. 
Renowned educationist, Padma Prof. JS Rajput; Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary; Sh Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary, School & Higher Education, senior officers, Heads of Departments, large number of teachers and students were present.

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