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Nikah, Business contract not same!
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Nikah, Business contract not same!

Post by on Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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Collectively as a society, we have evolved to be "Pennywise and Pound foolish" and our sincere reliance on the innovations of Satan is expanding. Our marriage functions are living testimonials of the same. These uncalled cultural nuisances have created a dent in our social fabric and dowry being one such major cruel farce. Early this year, a survey conducted by a non-profit organization Tehreek e Fala-ul-Muslimeen revealed that nearly 50,000 women of Kashmir have crossed marriageable age limit. The main underlying cause for this worrisome development is directly linked to the onerous dowry demands. This situation has further aggravated because of COVID induced economic hardships, with anecdotal evidence suggesting growing social abuse against women. Unfortunately, this materialization of our marriages which otherwise is supposed to be a noble act has been accepted as a part and parcel of our marriages with little or no resistance at all. If not addressed now, soon we all will be signing business contracts and not the Nikah Nama. In the words of late Rahat Indoori “Lagegi aag to aayenge ghar kai zad me, yahan pe sirf hamara makan thodi hai”. 

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