Youth joining militancy

Published at May 14, 2018 07:09 AM 0Comment(s)3519views

Youth joining militancy

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the government’s “kill all” policy in Kashmir. It is quite clear that central government and its coterie in the state are following just one agenda, which is kill Kashmiris. They want territory and are least bothered about the people. The BJP has clearly shown everybody what they and their accomplices in the two governments stand for when they rejected the ceasefire claim. People of Kashmir are watching everything that is happening, in Kashmir, in Jammu and outside the state. Very soon they will come to know as how much of the Kashmir they control. The young ones are disappearing. More and more people are picking up guns. Today they are here, tomorrow they can be anywhere. Politicians have completely betrayed the trust of their people and it will all show in the elections.

Nadeem Wani


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