Worst govt

Published at September 10, 2018 12:31 AM 0Comment(s)2475views

Worst govt

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the recent killings by unidentified gunmen in Kashmir. It is all the handiwork of the government and its agencies. Kashmiris are not stupid and they know how task force men are recruited by the government to scare the people. It is the worst government since the times of governor Jagmohan, whose gave a freehand to the killers. How long will Kashmiris be killed, tortured and humiliated on daily basis? People have come to know how the central BJP government is taking its revenge on the people of Kashmir. Since BJP has come to power there has only been killings of Muslims in several states including this state. We saw how their leaders supported those who protested the arrest of rapists of poor Kathua victim, because she was a Muslim girl. Now journalists and media person are arrested and jailed. People of the state should join hands with the parties who can throw these radicals out of the power and then treat them in the same manner they have treated minorities.

Javid Lone       


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