What’s in a policy

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What’s in a policy

After a tedious and long-drawn battle against the sloppy food and drug control laws in the state, the previous government finally decided to implement a new drug policy that came into effect on April 1, 2013. Back then it was a different coalition government and the matter received much attention after the recovery or rather seizing of substandard medicine from a government hospital and store at Barzulla. While the matter was being investigated, it was known that one, the in-charge of the store, had been attached by the government. It also dented the image of the then coalition partner Congress when two Congress ministers of that government blamed each other for the mess in health care services. Some even gave it a political turn by reducing a serious matter to a party infighting issue. That happens to be the fate of different issues that sprout bringing with them public outrage, but so far as legislations or government’s policies are considered they stay. After more than four years of implementation the status of the drug policy touted once to bring in radical reforms in health sector along with the support of cheaper non branded medicine, is still wanting. But it carries a more serious issue than to make available inexpensive drugs and medicines to the people, which is the losing significance of a government policy. The same has been observed with tourism policy where only few people know its contents, guidelines, rules, regulations, etc. What is the point to have a policy when government has decidedly admitted itself to ad hocism? Issues will spring and band-aid measures will be taken with some orders and enactments obstructing or defeating the larger purpose. The government must realize that policies are aimed to put all issues in one bag and find collective solutions. But in J&K the policy has become something that government attempts in theory, makes a document on and decides upon a date for its implementation. The rest it either believes or hopes will follow. Law makers since they keep on changing are usually not in sync with the policies, but the administration and an oversized bureaucracy are in the know of each and every policy. Therefore more damage is done by the administrators than the legislators who are proactive only for short span of time. The political leadership must call up the policies that have ebbed and seek status reports from different government department and authorities that have been given the task of their implementation.










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