Visitors allege humiliation, misbehavior by GPO Sgr officials

Published at February 10, 2019 12:16 AM 0Comment(s)1668views

Irfan Yattoo

Srinagar, Feb 09:

People visiting General Post Office (GPO) Srinagar from different parts of Kashmir on Saturday were taken by surprise by the alleged ‘humiliating’ response of the officials.
A delegation of visitors alleged that they were denied services one and a half hour before the closing time of the office. They said that instead of helping them they were kept waiting for hours.
Mohammad Ashraf Khan, a consumer from Bandipora told The Rising Kashmir that at around 12.30 noon, he reached GPO Srinagar to send the documents of his son currently staying in Karnataka.
“They were laughing at us and were humiliating us,” Khan said adding there should be an inquiry against the officials.
“Employees are getting salaries out of the taxes common people pay, but unfortunately no one who listens to the voice of people here. I would have posted the documents from some other post office but that would take more time which was not affordable. It was urgent to send the documents to my son,” he said.
Khan said, he along with many other consumers went inside to inquire about the matter. However the officials replied, “You should wait, as there are already many works pending in the office.”
“They kept us waiting and were laughing at us,” he alleged adding that had they talked politely, work results would have been different.
“One of the officials came out and said on Saturday they work till 12.30 noon but when we cross-checked the same from the internet, they have to work till 2 pm. So who is to blame here,” Khan said.
Another consumer from Shutrashahi Kara Nagar, Ghulam Rasool accused the GPO authorities of makig him wait deliberately. He said on Friday too, he was sent back by the officials stating that weather conditions are not favorable.
He questioned if the office was closed or they were doing any official work, they should have simply asked us to leave but they kept us waiting and humiliating.
“Around 25-30 consumers were kept waiting for hours. There is no accountability at all,” Rasool said adding that people are now denied their basic rights as well.
A senior official at GPO Srinagar wishing anonymity termed the allegations of consumers as baseless. He said for the administration it was a holiday but GPO was functioning as usual.
“On Saturdays we usually close our booking counters at 1 pm and after that, we have to do our official work like packing, registration, dispatching and documentation,” the official said.



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