Vacant posts

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Vacant posts

Last year the state cabinet approved creation of 3375 posts to augment the health care system in the state. The decision was made as there has been dearth of doctors and medical staff reported in the state. The healthcare system has made a nosedive in many key areas and services, the prominent being fake drugs sold in the market, high mortality (infants) rate in different hospitals, acute shortage of staff and misuse of funds that have been lapsing or when spent had been spend on all purposes other than to improve services. The problems have been compounded by missing officials whose seats have been lying vacant for many years creating vacant positions. Officials in Health department as well as others including Social Welfare, Agriculture, Education, Horticulture, have on number of occasions appraised the concern and shared it with the government. They have also alleged that no serious effort was made by the government to fill the positions that have become vacant in past months and even years. Even a year after the cabinet approval, there is no clarity on the issue. It is a serious issue as without functionaries to deliver the services or with some important administrative decisions not even being explored because of the lack of qualified staff and health care expertise, it affects the performance of the government. It was a bold decision taken by the government when it announced that the officials who were unable to resume and attend to duties will be shown the door. Although the step was lauded but it had cast its shadows on the health care system where there has been shortage of the staff. The exit door to absent doctors also meant further positions becoming vacant which had to be filled in time. The government itself admitted of the slow recruitment process against the increasing vacancies. Reportedly thousands of posts have remained vacant in almost all departments for governments have not shown seriousness on the matter. It belies the logic as why the process is not initiated in different departments where top administrative officials end their terms and there is no one to take the position. There is a vacuum that has been created in several departments. Manpower is a critical factor in case of several public service departments, for instance in Health acute shortage of doctors directly affects the health of the people. With fewer doctors and increasing patient flows, how can the hospitals and medical care centres help in ameliorating the conditions existing in health the care system? Apparently, slow recruitment and almost an opaque process are not the only reasons to mar the services. The government must take immediate steps to speed up the process besides making it public as how many posts have been filled.     


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