Unnoticed tortures

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 Unnoticed tortures

Most of the government-run schools in Kashmir lack heating arrangement for students. Wednesday night was the coldest this year with the mercury dropping to minus 2.2 degrees on Celsius scale. After the year’s first snow in the city and other parts of Kashmir, day temperature does not go up to the relief of the people especially students who around this time are appearing in different annual exams or have been promoted to sit in new classes. Although education authorities do not waste any time changing the school timings, rarely have they expressed concern over poor heating arrangement in schools for students. The same is not true for teachers and other staff who to prevent themselves from the harsh cold seek shelter in properly furnished and heated staff rooms. Hundreds of students as well as parents have complained that the children (students) are not able to write their papers properly due to numbness brought by the cold. In a place like Kashmir where temperature drops below freezing point in winters, it is a respite that schools remain closed for almost three months. Nevertheless, students have to attend schools or appear in the examinations even during the coldest days of the year. It is unfortunate that most schools are ill-prepared for harshest winter spells despite so much progress being witnessed in education and related fields. The government in general and education authorities in particular do not seem to accept the reality. While crores of rupees have been spent on furnishing of government offices including on winter provisions and heating arrangements, schools have been neglected and students left to the mercy of circumstances. For students, children it is a daily torture to sit in the classrooms, a rights violation indeed. Their grievances go unheard and unaddressed. Education authorities who claim to champion the cause of nurturing and uplifting the most important section, children, have become a reason for their daily torture in the coldest period of the year. Except for a handful of private schools where higher fees are charged to justify the needs of the institution and students, heating arrangement in school has become a far-fetched idea, almost a wish to the suffering students. Heating is a basic facility, just like toilets and safe drinking water. In Kashmir, to keep on ignoring this need is a crime and education authorities are clearly guilty in this case. A strong action needs to be taken against the authorities for failing to provide relief to thousands of students who have been suffering for years in the valley.     



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