Unknown persons threaten lawyer in Baramulla

Published at April 21, 2017 12:02 AM 0Comment(s)3411views

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 A lawyer and a social activist, Irfan Hafeez Lone from Sopore area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district was reportedly ‘threatened’ by unknown persons on Wednesday.
“At 3 pm. I was in the court complex Bramulla on Wednesday, I went outside for refreshment, two unknown persons came and threatened me. They intimidated me for raising the voice against human rights violation and peaceful settlement of Kashmir problem,” Lone said.
He said he also participated in a TV debate on Times Now on the same day with other panelist Gen. G.D. Bakhshi, R.P.N Singh and the anchor was Rahul Shiv Shankar.
“After the show, when I was still in the studio, I received a call at 8:52 pm from an unknown number. He threatened and used derogatory language,” he said.
Lawyer stated that the caller threatened him saying: “why you speak against Indian Army .”

The lawyer said that there is no rule of law and decent voices are muzzled like anything.
“The situation can be understood from the fact that a panelist on national channel is directly and openly threatened,” lawyer said.


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