TV anchors

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TV anchors

 Dear Editor,

 This is regarding the TV jokers called anchors entertaining the middleclass Indian masses who have today LCD TVs with high fidelity sound and clear picture screens. When it comes to China or Chinese incursions near border the jokers jest in a different way. These half-baked clowns do not know what a conflict is and how devastating a war could be because Indian people have never seen a real war. Their junk opinion biased reportage and vocal bombastic talks will fall flat if they have to skip just a single meal for war. Yet they do space talk and breaking the stars. People who are dying for dal roti because farmers are refusing to grow crops are nowhere mentioned, but India waging a war against all and vaporizing everyone as if they are famous made in India dengue spreading mosquitoes is projected across the dazzling lcd screens to give the brouhaha moment and something to sleep with and dream over by masses. The TV jokers need to come out of their fantasies and start living in a real world and project the same.


Zameer Sartaj      



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