Traffic streamlined

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Traffic streamlined

With the completion of Darbar Move ritual, authorities are required to ensure smooth movement on roads to avoid traffic jams, a key feature of summer in the capital city. Thanks to the resolute traffic officer who has brought some hope to the people we may be witnessing lesser gridlocks in the city this year. From removing the obstacles to freeing roads from encroachments to supervising, one official has made a huge difference in the city. His short-time achievements are a slap on the face of other authorities/departments that are responsible for the mess in the city. It is unfortunate, and ironic, that a traffic official has done what the municipal corporation and development authority couldn’t do in a decade. This reveals the real picture of bureaucracy here that is not only slow and inefficient but also corrupt. For years now vendors and encroachers have been shrinking the road space, while as authorities have been sleeping over the matter. For his devotion and commitment to serve the public and follow the law and rules as they should be, the official has earned respect and goodwill of the people, things that do not seem to be in the books of the bureaucrats. While his good work needs to be acknowledged, the government must also provide its full support to streamline the wayward traffic in the city mostly due to violation of rules. City roads have also got shrunk byunattended construction material lying on the roads. The government must pass orders to remove all obstacles near all construction sites, which create bottlenecks and prevent the smooth movement of vehicles. City roads also need repairs at many locations. Better roads are also needed to minimize accidents and save lives. Every year road accidents in the state cause maximum number of deaths than any other incident. Good roads and following traffic rules in letter and spirit can help in reducing the casualties. Therefore traffic authorities, who have been doing a commendable job under a determined leader, must keep up the good work and leave an example to others. If other officials emulate the steadfast traffic official a lot of improvement, at least in public services, can be seen. Officials need to come out of their dens and take action on the ground. Sitting by their desks and issuing orders to subordinates from their offices is not going to make any change. To honor their own position, they must complement the efforts of the traffic authorities. 


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