Traffic signal

Published at May 18, 2018 02:55 AM 0Comment(s)14463views

Traffic signal

Dear Editor,

Through this newspaper I once again want to bring it to the kind notice of authorities. The road intersection at Firdous Cinema Hawal has become a pain for the commuters. Although it is a small intersection but it connects four roads with vehicles coming from each direction and passing as the drivers wish. There is neither traffic signal here nor the traffic cops. Every other day vehicles get lined up as there is no one to manage the traffic. Motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks all converge at the intersection resulting in frequent traffic jams at the place. The other day I was in the car caught up in a jam here. I was more worried when I heard an ambulance siren with the vehicle heading towards the jam. As this road is one of the two routes used to reach SKIMS hospital, it is despicable for the drivers who follow no rule here to create a chaos. We request the traffic authorities and the government to install a traffic signal here, widen the intersection and station traffic cops here. It can save lives of people who are being ferried to the hospital.

Murtaza Bashir



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