Traffic jams

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Traffic jams

Dear Editor

It takes more than an hour to cover a distance of 5 kms in a passenger vehicle which should not take more than 40 minutes. This is the outcome of regular traffic jams on roads which at times has proved fatal for medical emergency cases. People can’t even spare space to the ambulance to reach hospital due to narrow, pitiable and dilapidated road conditions. We still have the 60-year-old roads and the increasing number of private and passenger transport vehicles has made it more difficult to travel. Unfortunately, wherever road widening is undertaken it takes years to complete and creates a messy situation in the traffic flow. Students and employees suffer most as they have to face the wrath of the bosses on reaching late to college and offices. Before beginning any road widening project or flyover, it has become imperative for authorities to work out on alternative roads. Only then one can expect hassle free traffic movement on roads and this will certainly minimize the risk of fatalities occurring on roads and will save time of the employees and business communities. It is embarrassing to see traffic cops chatting with drivers on roads. Why authorities fail to designate bus stops where one can board or disembark from the bus? The authorities must speed up work on road widening and flyover construction without spending more time in seminars and meetings which have not yielded any fruit.

Mohammad HadiWani




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