Time to teach Pakistan a lesson has come: BJP

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 Firebrand rightwing leader and BJP’s state president Ravinder Raina Tuesday said that India will make Pakistan to “bleed” for allegedly violating cease fire on the border and for creating disturbance in Kashmir.
“Only option we have is to hit hard with another surgical strike deep inside Pakistan. Pakistan will bleed so that its future generations could remember. Pakistan is enemy and we will respond her like an enemy,” said BJP’s newly appointed state president Ravinder Raina.
The BJP’s state president said that “Time has come to teach Pakistan a lesson so that its generations will recall mighty military power of India. This is unforgiveable crime of Pakistan. Pakistan is hell bent to create problems on border and in Kashmir.”
Raina said that “Pakistan is a nation of devils. No one can trust Pakistan. Once more, Pakistan back stabbed India by attacking one of our posts in Chamlayal in Ramgarh Sector in Samba district. No one can trust Pakistan as she has history of treachery.”
“Pakistan has to face the consequences following attack on BSF post in which four BSF troops including Assistant Commandant were killed. On one hands, Pakistan pledging before the BSF for maintaining peace on the border and on other hand, it violates cease fire and carries out cowardly attacks,” he added.


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