Thankful to JK Guv for dissolving LA to disallow militant-backed parties to form Govt: VHP

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‘Will construct Ram Temple but there will be no Babri Masjid’



Thankful to JK Guv for dissolving LA to disallow militant-backed parties to form Govt: VHP


Jammu, Dec 16:

 Praising Governor Satya Paul Malik, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) Sunday thanked him for “timely” dissolution of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and stopping political parties backed by militant outfits” to form Government.Speakingat a huge gathering at Parade in Jammu, Vishva Hindu Parshid (VHP) leaders, a VHP leader said: “I am thankful to the Governor who did not allow formation of Government in Jammu and Kashmir by the political parties having support of militant outfits,” he said.He termed dissolution of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly as victory of ‘Hinduism’. Instead of expressing concern over the killing of civilian, the rightwing leader hailed army for killing stone pelters while terming it ‘good days’.rightwing leader said that the Modi Government must bring ordinance in the parliament paving way for the construction of Ram Temple. Even if it is not done, the VHP leader said that the followers of Lord Ram are ready to construct it any time.

Asserting that they will not wait for Supreme Court verdict, Hansdev Ji Maharaj, a VHP leader,  said that those opposing construction of Ram Temple at the disputed Babri Masjid demolition site in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh “should go to Pakistan”.

“Ram Temple will be constructed at the disputed site whenever required number of stones are ready, but there will be no Babri Masjid,” he said.

“Those who want Babri Masjid should leave the country.We don’t care about hue-and-cry created by the Molvis, secular political parties, or Supreme Court. We will construct Mandir at the same place, and there would not be any Babri Masjid,” he added.

He said that people were asking questions as to why there was delay in construction of the temple.

“Tell me are we going to construct a temple or a dargah which can easily be constructed. It is being delayed because we want to construct a huge temple.”

He said that whenever stones are ready to built the temple, it will be constructed.

 Another VHP leader said that one Muslim family has eight children and Hindus have less number of children.

“Each Hindu family must have five children and all should have weapons to defend themselves against any odd,” he said, while raising concern over the growing number of Muslims.


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