Teachers’ rationalization

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Teachers’ rationalization

Few years back, the school education department of the state issued a circular regarding the rationalization of teaching staff in schools.  Based on the perusal of data pertaining to enrollment in schools and availability of subject teachers, the circular pointed out grave discrepancies. In many schools, despite poor enrolment, at times even zero, a number of teachers continued to be posted, in contradiction to the recommended Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) norm. In some cases, teaching staff of a specific subject had been posted but the number of students opting for the same was too inadequate to justify continuation of the subject in question. In some schools, though there was no sanctioned post for a particular subject, students opted for it and teaching staff was provided by way of attachments, need basis, transfer of post of some other place- all this over and above the sanctioned posts of that school. The education department also came across instances where though a subject stream had been introduced, the students could not opt for the same due to non- posting of teaching staff, constraining their choice. In some teacher education institutions (SIEs / DIETs), the posts of faculty members were filled without examining their eligibility/span of service, or requirement of subject specific faculty member to deliver as resource persons of the teacher education institute. In this backdrop, the department had emphasized on proper utilization of the available teaching staff with the department. It is imperative that the deployment of staff is such that it maximizes benefit to the students. The rationalization exercise needed to be carried out expeditiously, but it the government has failed to meet this objective. In respect of a place where primary/middle school was opened on the strength of 20 children as per the SSA norms but the enrolment has fallen below that number, or more than one teacher was provided considering the PTR but the present strength doesn't justify the same, the teachers/ ReTs working in that school were supposed to be held responsible to increase the enrolment to the required number by intensively pursuing with the community, focusing on 'Out of school children' (oosc) in the catchment area of the school, and clarifying the reasons for failure to bring a child to school, individually. It was supposed to be an important parameter to assess the performance of a teacher. The CEOs/ZEOs had to undertake intensive exercise in the Primary/Middle Schools with reference to the PTR and transfer any surplus staff to other schools of the district. Directors of school education were to monitor the exercise and ensure compliance. It is time that directors speak on the subject.


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