Talks with Pak on ‘Parliamentary Resolution’ of Kashmir after militancy stops: BJP

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‘Lone has insulted whole Muslim community’

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Regarding the issue of talking with Pakistan for a permanent solution of Kashmir issue in view of “unremitting episodes of militancy and other matters and also taking serious note of the anti-national utterance by NC sitting legislature, Akbar Lone”, BJP State Chief Spokesperson, Sunil Sethi Tuesday said that today amidst the sound of bullets and missiles and spilled blood, certain class is advocating for the talks between Pakistan and India and advocating that India must take a step forward for talks.
Sunil Sethi accompanied by State Press Secretary Dr Pardeep Mahotra said this in a press conference at the party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar on Tuesday.
He said: “This is not at all suitable at the time when Pakistan is openly supporting militant attacks in the state, and also keeping fact in mind that the slain militants of Sunjwan hailed from Pakistan.”
He said: “The whole nation stands against Pakistan and its supported activities and the talks at this time with the rogue state will only serve to down the morale of Indian security agencies engaged with containing the militant activities and keeping the peace.”
Sunil Sethi further said that “the talks with Pakistan on any matter and at any time are totally the matter of concern for Central Government with no scope of interference by any other. And this can only be considered, if it will be, when Pakistan pulls back its hand from supporting the subversive acts in the region and environment is conducive for the matter on the Parliamentary Resolution.”
He also said that the “Parliamentary Resolution” clearly stated that there is only single issue which is to be considered and discussed at any forum with Pakistan and that is regarding taking “possession of Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) from the clutches of Pakistan”.
Sunil Sethi also criticized Akbar Lone “for hailing Pakistan in the temple of democracy, while telling that his (Akbar Lone’s) feeling are hurt by listening to Pakistan Murdabad as he is a Muslim”.
Sunil Sethi said that “Lone has put a blot on the image of political class by trying to indulge whole community in his personal political agenda”.
“This is an extremely serious matter, as not only due to his anti-national utterance but it was a bid to divide the population. Lone’s statement was particularly aired at the time of militant attack, when our valiant forces were trying to neutralize the threat, so the issue cannot be ignored,” he said.
Emphasizing that the Speaker has to take action on the “erring” member Akbar Lone, Sunil Sethi demanded that the Speaker should refer the matter to privilege committee “as this is clearly the matter of breach.”
He added that the “Speaker can also debar the member, till the report of committee is out”.
“Lone has insulted the whole Muslim community and tried to put question mark on their nationalism,” he added.


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